The University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine's annual Humanism in Aging Leadership Award recognizes a prominent geriatrician who exemplifies humanism and innovation in his or her approach to improving the lives of older adults.

The award was originally funded through the support of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation and is now supported through the COM Division of Geriatrics. The award exemplifies one of the many ways COM is committed to innovative educational opportunities for students of all disciplines in the respectful care of older adults.

2019-2020 Humanism in Aging Leadership Award Winner

Dr. Louise Aronson, Professor of Geriatrics University of California San Francisco

Louise Aronson M.D., M.F.A. is a professor of Geriatrics at UCSF where her interests include optimizing healthcare for older adults, medical education, reflective learning, integrative geriatrics, and public medical writing. A graduate of Brown University, Harvard Medical School, and the Warren Wilson Program for Writers, Dr. Aronson has served as director of the Northern California Geriatrics Education Center, UCSF's Pathways to Discovery (scholarly concentration) program, and UCSF Medical Humanities. She has received the Gold Professorship in Humanism in Medicine, the California Homecare Physician of the Year award, the AOA Edward D. Harris Professionalism Award, and the American Geriatrics Society Clinician-Teacher of the Year award, as well as numerous awards for her teaching, educational research, and writing. Her articles, essays, and stories appear regularly in newspapers, literary and medical journals including the New York Times, Washington Post, New England Journal of Medicine, Health Affairs, and Lancet. As an educator, she has developed innovative programs for geriatrics training for non-geriatricians, interprofessional education, reflection in medical education, and use of writing to harness the expertise and unique experiences of clinicians and medical scientists in service of health and health care.

She just published the book “Elderhood”

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2009-10 Humanism in Aging Leadership Award winner: Janice Knebl, D.O., University of Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine.

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