The University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine's Division of Geriatrics is a leader of older adult patient-centered care through a coordinated program of clinical services, professional education, elder advocacy, and scholarly activities to achieve maximal successful aging for the people in the community it serves.


  • Collaboration among health professions for the betterment of older adults
  • Excellence in education, clinical service and scholarship
  • Professionalism and respect for older adults and their caregivers
  • Health promotion and disease management that incorporates the dynamic interaction of  mind, body and spirit
  • Creative and innovative approaches to health policy advocacy for older adults
  • Scholarship and research that advances and translates the principles and practices of geriatric medicine to patient-centered outcomes.


The Division of Geriatrics is a recognized leader in maximizing aging through its patient-centered and interprofessional approach to geriatrics.


  • Strengthen and implement a consolidated didactic curriculum for preclinical education in geriatrics for COM that engages learners in a “patient first approach.”
  • Strengthen the clinical observerships and practicums to emphasize patient/doctor relations in the setting of patient evaluation, case presentation and documentation skills. 
  • Advance additional elective classroom, small group, clinical care and research activities for students.
  • Develop elective clerkships in geriatrics while seeking the resources for a required clerkship for all COM students. 
  • Advance opportunities in scholarship/research for faculty in geriatrics, through individual efforts, grants and contracts.
  • Develop and implement expanded clinical services in geriatrics that are fiscally and clinically sound.
  • Mature Care multi-professional service depth and range.
  • Ambulatory Clinical consultative and evaluation services.
  • U-Excel.
  • Develop resources and partnerships to implement a geriatric fellowship.
  • Develop and implement dissemination strategies for knowledge, attitude and skills in geriatrics with University and community partners.
  • Seek UNE partners to create a transuniversity “institute for Optimal Aging” to develop, promote, model, and implement interprofessional activities in the field of aging.
  • Develop outreach programs for consultation and promotion of geriatric skills for practitioners.
  • Seek external and internal funding resources to advance the goals of the department.