Chair, Primary Care
Clinical Professor
Decary Hall 32
Marilyn Gugliucci
Director, Geriatrics Research
Director, U-ExCEL Older Adult Fitness/Wellness Program
Decary Hall 58 E
susan wehry
Principal Investigator, AgingME: Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program
Associate Research Professor
Decary Hall 58A

Clinical Faculty

Bill Burge
Associate Clinical Professor
Decary Hall 39
default avatar
Staff Physician, MatureCare
Decary Hall 40
default avatar
Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Primary Care
Decary Hall 39
default avatar
Associate Clinical Professor, Family Medicine
default avatar
Assistant Clinical Professor
Decary Hall 40

Professional Staff

Headshot of Hannah LeBlanc
Fitness Specialist, U-ExCEL
Decary Hall 58C
Melanie A Sigouin
Medical Coding Specialist
Medical Billing Specialist

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