Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) Admissions

The UNE College of Dental Medicine seeks high-quality, self-motivated, ethical applicants to become dentists through our program that incorporates the latest in dental practices, equipment and technology, as well as principles in public health, health policy, and business. During our program, you will provide care to a wide variety of patients in our clinic on the Portland Campus and in clinics throughout Northern New England.

Our primary goal is to attract students who share our educational objectives and can be successful in the curriculum. We are looking for a diverse and balanced student population, and will consider both academic and non-academic criteria in assessing candidates for admission. A “whole file review” process is in place to assess applicants in the areas of academic record/ability, leadership potential, community service experience, career goals, personal qualities, interpersonal skills, and maturity.

The College of Dental Medicine is now accepting applications for the new Advanced Standing Track for foreign-trained dentists.

As of September 4, 2018, the College of Dental Medicine is accepting applications for the Advanced Standing Track (AST) for foreign-trained dentists. The AST is a 29-month (seven-semester) track that begins in January each year with graduates of the track earning a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.). For more information about the AST including program details and admissions requirements, see our ADEA CAAPID Program Overview page. Please direct any questions about the College of Dental Medicine AST to 

Application for Fall 2019

  • All applicants must apply through the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS).
  • AADSAS application portal opens June 5, 2018 for Fall 2019 admission.
  • The deadline for electronic submission of AADSAS application is November 1, 2018.
  • Campus interview sessions will be held September through January by invitation only.
  • Initial offers of acceptance sent to candidates will be sent December 1, 2018.

Processing of applications

  • You are strongly encouraged to apply early in the admissions cycle.
  • UNE will notify you via email when we receive your verified application and additional email communications will be sent as your status changes throughout the admissions cycle.
  • Verified applications will undergo preliminary review as received.
  • Qualified applicants will be invited to submit a supplemental application with application fee.
  • Applicant files will be fully reviewed once the supplemental application and fee are received.
  • Invitations to interview will be sent to applicants after full review by the college.

Note: All materials submitted as part of the application become the property of UNE and will not be returned or released to anyone, including the applicant. This policy includes letters of reference, primary and secondary applications, personal statements, transcripts, and any other supporting materials.

For specific academic dates, please view the UNE Academic Calendar.


program admissions requirements

Coursework prerequisites

  • Science
    • General Biology with lab (4 semester, 6 quarter credits); Zoology acceptable to fulfill requirement
    • Human Anatomy with lab (4 semester, 6 quarter credits)
    • Microbiology with lab (4 semester, 6 quarter credits)
    • General Chemistry with lab (4 semester, 6 quarter credits)
    • Organic Chemistry with lab (4 semester, 6 quarter credits
    • Biochemistry (3 semester, 4.5 quarter credits)
    • Additional Biology, Chemistry, Physics (12 semester, 18 quarter credits)
  •  Other
    • English Composition/Technical Writing (3 semester, 4.5 quarter credits)
  • Recommended Courses:
    • Human Physiology and Immunology strongly recommended
    • Others:
      • Pharmacology
      • Histology
      • Genetics
      • Physics
      • Business, Computers
      • 3-Dimensional Art (e.g., sculpture)
      • Communications
      • Ethics
      • Public Health
  • All prerequisite courses must be successfully completed with a grade of “C” or better (“C-“grades, not acceptable)
  • No AP credits may be applied toward meeting prerequisites
  • Upper level courses in any of the necessary prerequisite subject areas completed with a “C” or better will be acceptable
  • Online courses offered through UNE’s Online Science Prerequisites are acceptable to fulfill prerequisites
  • Prerequisite courses may be in-progress or planned at the time of application, but must be completed prior to enrollment
    • Planned or in progress coursework must be included in your AADSAS application at time of submission; not doing so will result in the applicant not meeting minimum requirements
    • Transcripts for coursework and/or degrees after the submission of your AADSAS application must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions prior to enrollment

academic/experience requirements

  • Completion of minimum 90 semester (135 quarter) credits at a U.S. regionally accredited institution or international equivalent, at time of enrollment, however, a baccalaureate degree is preferred
  • US Dental Admissions Test (DAT): required to be taken by October 1 of the application year and official scores submitted directly to ADEA AADSAS from the American Dental Association
  • Community Service: applicants strongly encouraged to demonstrate community service through volunteerism or service-oriented employment
  • Clinical Dental Experience: required minimum of thirty (30) hours dental experience
  • Two (2) letters of reference to be submitted via AADSAS
    • One letter from a science professor
    • Recommended second letter be from a dentist
    • Committee letters accepted in place of the two (2) required letters (must be submitted via AADSAS to be reviewed by admissions committee)
    • Letters from friends or family members are not acceptable
  • Only those applicants who meet minimum requirements will be considered for admission
    • Just meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee an interview or acceptance
    • Average GPAs/hours experience/test scores for students accepted into the program are well above minimums
  • Before or upon matriculation, accepted candidates will be expected to
    • Meet all health immunization requirements (Student Health Care)
    • Obtain a physical examination with proof of up-to-date immunization status
  • Before or upon matriculation , accepted candidates will be required to pass a criminal background check and/or drug screening, as well as periodically throughout the program as required by clinical affiliations
  • All candidates must meet Academic and Technical Standards of the Dental Medicine profession

procedures and policies

  • Applications for admission are accepted through the Associated American Dental Schools Application (AADSAS) only 
    • AADSAS application portal opens at the beginning of June annually
    • Applications must be electronically submitted to AADSAS by November 1 deadline
    • For more information and detailed instructions for completion of the application, visit ADEA AADSAS
    • Given the normally heavy volume of applications, it is strongly encouraged candidates submit and complete application as early as possible in the cycle to ensure consideration for invitation to interview
    • Upon request, complete and submit UNE Dental Medicine supplemental application and all supplemental materials directly to UNE by the requested deadline
  • On-campus interviews are required for admission and are by invitation only
    • Applicants are selected for interviews on a rolling basis
    • Campus interviews are scheduled from September through January
    • UNE follows the AADSAS “traffic” rules and accepted candidates are notified by mail on or after December 1 and until the class has been filled
  • International applicants and applicants with international degrees
    • Must have transcripts evaluated for degree and grade equivalency to that of a U.S. regionally accredited institution (International Admissions)
    • Must be able to understand and communicate in English to be admitted to the university
      • UNE accepts several methods of English Language Proficiency 
      • If an applicant cannot prove English Proficiency in another way, scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is required and must be submitted as a part of the completed application

Policy exceptions

  • Policies have been established to ensure fair and consistent admissions practice for all applicants
  • All criteria presented in this summary are subject to change per professional accreditation requirements, changes in curriculum or other institutional standards, and clinical affiliation requirements
  • Exceptions to existing admission policies are rare and made on a case by case basis, only when it is deemed necessary and appropriate to maintain fair and consistent practice for all candidates

Transfer Credit


  • Transfer credits are rarely awarded to students who transfer from another dental medicine program
  • Transfer credits will be reviewed and awarded on a case-by-case basis


  • As of April 27, 2018, the College of Dental Medicine is developing plans for an advanced standing track for foreign-trained dentists. This program would allow these individuals to earn a U.S. dental degree. Once the plans for the proposed track are finalized, those plans will be submitted to the Commission on Dental Accreditation for approval. Once that approval has been obtained, further information will be published regarding the details of the advanced standing track, including the application process, curriculum, anticipated costs, time to degree completion, and other information of interest to prospective students.


No credit awarded for experiential learning


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