Donors to UNE support a wide variety of initiatives, including academic programs, global experiences, faculty enrichment, and research, varsity and club athletics, financial aid and scholarships, and the many student clubs and organizations that enhance the quality of student life at the university.

Discover how UNE students are working to solve the challenges we face in today's world. These student stories are possible because of the philanthropic support UNE receives from our donors. Their philanthropy supports UNE students while they pursue new ideas and change the world.

U N E marine science student Katie Dimm
[The faculty] support has shaped my experience and is why I have so many phenomenal things going on. With their collective expertise, I have been able to carry out cutting-edge research that I know will have an impact.
Marine Science
UNE Communications student Jack Allsopp

When I discovered the University of New England, I felt the size of the school would be perfect for me...I was also attracted to UNE’s Global Education program. Spending a semester in Morocco was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Andrew Elkinson
The travel opportunities I have had at UNE have helped me discover my interest in public health.
Medical Biology
Headshot of Bethany Brodbeck
This research opportunity has made my UNE experience absolutely incredible! I learned about research in ways that a classroom could never teach me, and I am so thankful to the donors that have made this one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
Marine Sciences (Marine Biology Track)
Headshot of Lydia Pinard
Carrying out research at UNE has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. It really feels like I am making a difference in my field.
Marine Science
Emma McCormac
Without knowing about my project or myself, someone’s gift to UNE allowed me to move to southern Maine for the summer and have a full-time professional job over the summer.
Medical Biology
Julianne Stockbridge
I would have never been able to do this program if it were not for the generous assistance of the Henry L. and Grace Doherty Foundation.
Professional Science Master's (P.S.M.) in Ocean Food Systems
Bailey Mortiz
The Doherty Foundation was willing to take a risk and invest in a very unique program. I'm really grateful that they were willing to support what many of my colleagues and I feel it is an approach with enormous potential.
Professional Science Master's (P.S.M.) in Ocean Food Systems
Phoebe Walsh
Without the Doherty Foundation and this fellowship, I wouldn't have been able to afford this opportunity. With the PSM program and the experience I’ll gain from it, I'll be able to really shape my future.
Professional Science Master's (P.S.M.) in Ocean Food Systems
Hillevi Jaegerman
I’m really thankful for the foundation’s interest in ocean food systems and how the foundation acknowledges the importance of professional preparation in this field.
Professional Science Master's (P.S.M.) in Ocean Food Systems
Kara Auclair
The Charlene B. Rydell Endowed Scholarship really helped give me some peace of mind. It made a huge impact on my ability to focus on my studies.
Kimberly Donoghue
I think a lot of students, especially in Maine, don’t have the opportunity to attend college because of small financial hurdles. What I have discovered is that a scholarship can really make a difference for students like myself.
Marine Science
Bri Walker

Knowing that those who had graduated 50 years ago still feel connected to the university and care about helping current students is incredible.

Elementary Education, Special Education
Michael Alberto
Pharmacy isn’t just about dispensing medications; it’s about establishing a connection with a patient and using that connection to establish trust. That is one aspect of pharmacy that I really enjoy.
ariella danziger
I think if people were able to see all the things that students are involved with at UNE, they would have their minds blown because we explore so many different ranges of possibilities and interests. There's always something amazing going on at UNE.
The Doctors for Maine’s Future Scholarship has made it possible for me to work in Maine. Now I can take care of women in Maine throughout their lives and give back to the community where I trained.
I appreciate the Hearst Foundation for providing me with this wonderful opportunity which allows me to further my educational goals. I truly cannot thank them enough.
Without the Doctors for Maine’s Future Scholarship, I can say I would have felt obligated to choose a different, out of state institution...I can now attend medical school in Maine.
fahey and orff
The very real problems of natural and invasive predation need to be solved in order to save this valuable commercial industry in the state. UNE is committed to research programs that are community-based and address real-life issues.
The scholarship that I received made the difference for me getting to UNE...I want to thank the Hearst foundation for my scholarship every year.
brady fleurent
Affording a college education is difficult as I am paying for school myself. I could have gone to a less expensive college...but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to be at UNE.
Research that helps mussel farmers to better understand the health of their mussels and when their mussels are most nutritious, will assist in feeding the world.

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