In Vitro Analytical Core

About the In Vitro Analytical Core

The in Vitro Analytical Core (IVAC) facilitates the mission of the UNE Center for Cell Signaling Research (CCSR) by identifying molecular mechanisms and cellular processes in aging, stress, bioenergetics, and cellular metabolism by providing the critical expertise and instrumentation to study cell-cell interactions and to delineate intracellular pathways in targeted cell types.

The primary mission of the IVAC is to support the research of current and future CCSR Research Project Leaders. As a resource at UNE, the IVAC plans to grow its capacity to provide services to all investigators at UNE, and ultimately to extramural investigators from both academic and industry partners in the region.


The IVAC provides training, instrumentation, and technical services for the development, analysis, and storage of in vitro cell models (such as stably transfected cell lines using genetically encoded biosensors) across a wide range of biological and biomedical applications, as well as various types of sample preparation for downstream analyses such as mass spectrometry and RNA-seq.


The IVAC is working on obtaining equipment during the first year of its establishment. Please contact us for the availability of individual equipment.


Headshot of Ling Cao
Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, COM
Chair, IACUC
Director, In Vitro Analytical Core