Frequently Asked Questions

Tutoring FAQ

Why should I use tutoring?
  • To identify and clarify key concepts
  • To organize and remember information
  • To integrate text and lecture notes
  • To prepare for a test or quiz
  • To learn and improve study strategies
  • To catch up on some material after an excused absence from class
What should I bring to the tutoring session?
  • Textbooks
  • Class notes
  • Text notes
  • Syllabus
  • Past quizzes and tests
  • Homework
  • Assignment sheets
Is tutoring confidential?

When you check in for tutoring you will be asked to sign a Tutee Agreement that gives SASC permission to share information about your tutoring with instructors if they request it. This is to your benefit. SASC keeps record of all tutoring activities. All SASC staff — including tutors — sign a Confidentiality Agreement as a condition of their employment in the SASC.

What can I expect from a tutor?

Tutors are expected to facilitate student learning by:

  • Discussing specific course content
  • Promoting and modeling the use of appropriate study strategies
  • Emphasizing active learning techniques
  • Practicing good listening and communication skills
  • Maintaining scheduled hours
  • Respecting students’ right to confidentiality

It is important to note that tutors are not “homework machines” or miracle workers. If you procrastinated throughout the semester, cramming with a tutor the night before a major exam will not produce good results. If you plan to visit a writing tutor, keep in mind that last minute revisions are not effective.

What will a tutor expect from me?

You are expected to be active participants in your tutoring sessions. Bring relevant materials to the tutoring session. Come prepared by:

  • Attending class
  • Taking notes
  • Reading assignments
  • Trying homework problems
  • Preparing questions
  • Attending tutoring on a regular basis

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