ALERT: Have You Set Up Your UNE Accounts?

In order to receive vital Student Financial Services communications and complete financial aid process requirements, you must set up your UNE accounts as soon as possible.

Instructions to set up UNE Accounts

FAFSA submission and Award Acceptance are required every new academic year!

  • Login to U-Online
  • Select AWARD and then AWARD BY AID YEAR
  • In SELECT AID YEAR drop-down box, select desired Award Year and SUBMIT.
  • Accepting aid is a 2-Step Process:
    1. TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Tab 4) Review and accept (must be done first)
    • ACCEPT FULL AMOUNT OF AWARDS (at bottom of award)
    • DECLINE your award (to prevent further reminders)
    • ACCEPT A PORTION of the offered aid. Select ACCEPT from the drop-down box and enter in ACCEPT PARTIAL AMOUNT field.
    • Note: If you accept a partial amount, the loan will be split evenly over the terms it has been awarded. Contact Student Financial Services in writing if you wish an uneven split to the loan. Loan requests cannot exceed semester thresholds.

If this is your first time receiving federal financial aid at UNE, you have additional requirements:

  • Title IV Authorization
    • Read the paragraph under Additional Information.
    • Answer, “Do you authorize UNE to apply Title IV funds to non-educational charges?” 
    • Choose Authorize OR Decline. Click SUBMIT.
  • Federal Requirements
    • Go to Choose what type of student you are.
    • Complete Entrance Counseling
    • Complete Master Promissory Note for each type of loan borrowed (i.e. Direct & PLUS)

For Endorsed PLUS Loans ONLY: The BORROWER must complete PLUS Credit Counseling (in addition to Entrance Counseling). A separate MPN must be completed if multiple PLUS loans exist for the academic year.

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