Tuition $45,110
Program Fee $2,240
General Services Fee $760
Malpractice Insurance $50
Total Direct Costs $48,160


Students are required to purchase a laptop computer. A one-time technology allowance of $1,500 is included in the first-year cost of attendance.

Books and Supplies

The costs will vary depending on the courses the student is taking. Estimates or books and supplies are $850 for Year 1; $1,600 for Year 2; $1,150 for Year 3; and $150 for Year 4.

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs are included in the student's financial aid budget. These are not direct charges from the university, but allowances that are given to cover expenses the student may have while attending school to cover the months the student is enrolled each year of the program. 

First, Second, and Third YEAR

  • $16,650 Living Expenses (housing, food, utilities)
  • $3,600 Transportation/Travel costs 
  • $3,150 Personal/Misc. costs

Fourth YEAR

  • $22,200 Living Expenses (housing, food, utilities)
  • $4,800 Transportation/Travel Costs 
  • $4,200 Personal/Misc. costs 
  • $3,000 Rotation Expenses 

Indirect expenses are based on the following amounts per month, for the months enrolled:

  • Living Expenses $1,850/month (housing, food, utilities)
  • Transportation costs $400/month
  • Personal/Misc. costs $350/month 
  • Rotation costs $250/month

Additional Information

Finance Your Education

We are here to help you finance your online education so that you can earn a degree that's convenient, affordable, and still allows you to balance all of the other important aspects of your life. Several options exist to help you meet your educational costs. Student Financial Services has also created a step-by-step process for applying for aid.

Veteran's Benefits

If you are planning to utilize Veteran's Education Benefits, please explore our information and requirements.

Health Insurance

Students are required to enroll in UNE's Student Medical Insurance Plan unless proof of comparable insurance is demonstrated and waiver is completed online.

Open Enrollment/Waiver Periods

College of Osteopathic Medicine


All Other Graduate Programs


The cost for UNE's 2022–2023 annual health insurance policy for graduate/professional students (except first-year College of Osteopathic Medicine students) is $4,174 for the 9/01/2022–8/31/2023 coverage period. Due to a longer academic year, the health insurance rate for first-year College of Osteopathic Medicine students is $4,883 for coverage beginning on 7/1/2022–8/31/2023. 

New students whose program (P.S.M., M.S.N.A., PA, M.S.O.T.) begins in Summer 2022 are charged $1,155 for the summer coverage period of 05/23/2022-8/31/2022, and then the annual coverage rate of $4,174 (with the fall tuition billing) for coverage from 9/1/2022–8/31/2023. Students enrolled in the new PSM in Ocean Food Systems Program are charged $1,224 for summer coverage period of 5/17/2022–8/31/2023, and then the annual coverage rate of $4,174 for coverage from 9/1/2022–8/31/2023. New students should waive/enroll for the summer semester (beginning in April) and then re-enroll/waive for the following academic year, starting on July 1. 

Dependents can be added for an additional surcharge. Email Carrie Bernier at cbernier@une.edu for more information and breakdowns by semester, if applicable.


Student Financial Services

For information about the financial aid process call (207) 602-2342 or email Student Financial Services.