Students must have health insurance coverage

The University of New England provides group plans for the consideration of undergraduate, graduate, and medical students through United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR).

All full-time students enrolled in at least 7 credits or more are required by the University to have complete health insurance coverage and will be billed automatically for health insurance once per academic year. 

Students will receive an email notification that will explain the plan in greater detail and instructions on the enrollment/waiver process at the appropriate time depending on their program start date.

Students may accept the University-suggested health insurance plan; may locate their own comparable plan; or if already covered by another equivalent plan, may opt-out of the program by submitting a waiver. 

Student Health Insurance Policy Information

2021–22 Policy Information (coverage terminates on 8/31/2022)

2021–22 Summary Brochures (please visit UHCSR for full Certificate of Coverage)

2022–23 Annual Enrollment/Waiver Period

  • COM Students Only: 6/1/2022-7/1/2022*
  • Graduate/Undergraduate Students: 7/1/2022-8/16/2022*

2022–23 Summary Brochures (please visit UHCSR for full Certificate of Coverage)

All full-time students are required to complete either an “Enrollment” or “Waiver” for the student-offered health insurance plan.

If you are covered by your own qualified policy and do not need the student-offered plan, you must complete a Waiver online. The health insurance charge will be removed from your bill 3–5 business days after completing this Waiver.

If you are enrolling, please do not wait for Auto-Enrollment as this delays the receipt of your health insurance ID card.

File Enrollment or Waiver

*You will receive an error message if you attempt to access the enrollment/waiver site prior to the dates noted above (June 1 for COM students, July 1 for all other graduate and undergraduate students). 

Students who do not complete a waiver by the posted deadline will be automatically enrolled in the UHCSR policy at a non-refundable premium. Do not wait for Auto-Enrollment as this delays the receipt of your Health Insurance ID card.

If You Have Lost Your Health Insurance

If you have lost your health insurance coverage — due to age, moving, cost, or a change in family — and want to enroll in the UNE offered policy with United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) out of the open enrollment period, please email Carrie Bernier at

You will be asked to provide a letter from your insurance company if you have lost coverage or will be losing coverage. The letter must clearly indicate your coverage termination date.

Additional Information

Health Links

Dental and Vision Insurance

As a convenience, The University of New England provides information only for individual plans for those students looking for Dental or Vision Coverage — there is no UNE student-offered group policy available. Below are links to individual plans for the consideration of Undergraduate, Graduate, and Medical students through Delta Dental and Consolidated Health Plan.

Domestic Partnership Coverage

Students wishing domestic partnership coverage must submit an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership form to the Student Accounts Office located at either campus by the same due dates listed above.

Questions and Registration

Questions about student health insurance billing can be directed to Student Financial Services at or (207) 602-2342.

For detailed information on the University-sponsored health insurance plans, please visit our insurance carrier's website, United HealthCare Student Resources (UHCSR) to access brochures and policy information. Students with questions about coverage or wishing to file a claim should contact UHCSR directly.

If you have general questions about the University-offered health insurance programs or need further assistance, please email Carrie Bernier in our Risk Management department at

Student Financial Services

For information about the financial aid and billing process contact Student Financial Services at or (207) 602-2342. Our office hours are Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–3 p.m.

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