Charging Station Access Instructions

This is a professional collaboration and it is expected that EV owners will behave in the best interest of the community in order to maintain the privilege of being able to charge on campus. 

Please report charger maintenance issues by calling Facilities Maintenance at ext. 2368 or submitting a work order.

UNE EV Decals

You must have a UNE EV Decal to park in the charging spaces and charge. This is in addition to the appropriate parking permit for your campus and position.

Visitor Day Pass Registration

Charging is free for visitors, but you must register with the Office of Safety and Security for a charging day-pass. If you don’t see an EV decal on a car, it’s either unregistered or a visitor’s. You are welcome to call Safety and Security to alert them to a car that is charging without an EV decal (or a non-EV parked at a charger).

Leave Car Charging Ports Unlocked

Your car charging port must remain unlocked so others can remove it at the completion of your charge. All cars are capable of setting their charging ports to remain unlocked. If you don't know how to do this with your car, please consult your owner’s manual or YouTube. Charging ports must remain unlocked in order to use the campus chargers.

Charging Limits

Level 2 chargers have a charging limit of 4 hours. You can stay plugged in to the 110v outlets for up to 8 hours.

Dash Tags

Use Dash Tags to indicate your expected charging completion time. If you don’t leave a dash tag indicating the time your charge is expected to be completed, it is considered ok for someone to unplug you. You can find sample dash tags in the Outlook group files, which everyone has access to, by virtue of having purchased a decal (or you can leave a note on your dashboard with the expected completion time).

Coordinate Charging

Registered users have access to other users’ contact information and should use that to coordinate charging as needed. Also located in the Outlook group is a spreadsheet of everyone in the EV Owner Collaborative group. Listed in that spreadsheet you will find the license plate, make, model, and color of each vehicle registered in the program. If you have concerns or need to coordinate contact those people directly to work out solutions. If you have tried direct communication and not found resolution please contact Safety and Security.


For more information contact the Office of Safety and Security at 602-2298.