Occupational Therapy at UNE

2023 Adaptive Projects Expo - Innovation Celebration

UNE Facilities Tour: Occupational Therapy Program

UNE Hosts Occupational Therapy Conference in Tangier, Morocco

Occupational Therapy Students in Tangier

UNE Occupational Therapy: 30 Years Strong

OT Students Making a Difference

Meet Nadia, M.S.O.T. ’24

Meet Bailey, M.S.O.T. ’24

Meet Emily, M.S.O.T. ’24

Meet Bella, M.S.O.T. ’24

M.S.O.T. Alumni Stories

Meet Matthew Capaldo, director of rehabilitation at Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center.

UNE O.T. Heather Shields (’97): Helping People Drive Again

Follow along with our OT Students

Megan Eagleston ’23
Nate Pickett ’23
Gina Miele ’23
Make Orthotic Splints with Bailey

Travel to Guatemala with our OT Students

Guatemala Trip Days 1–3
Guatemala Trip Days 4–6
Guatemala Trip Days 7–8

Spend Eight days in Morocco with OT students