Pre-OT to Occupational Therapy 3+2 Program

Earn your Bachelor of Science in Health, Wellness, and Occupational Studies and Master of Science in Occupational Therapy in only five years.

Fast Track Your Occupational Therapy Career

Now you can become a working occupational therapist in as little as five years through the Accelerated Health, Wellness, and Occupational Studies/Master of Science in Occupational Therapy 3+2. This accelerated M.S.O.T. pathway at UNE combines a bachelor of science with a master of science degree, saving you both time and money. This accelerated program will fully prepare you to begin a rewarding career in Occupational Therapy and help others experience the transformative power of everyday activities. 

As a successful student in the 3+2 model, you will earn a Bachelor of Science in Health, Wellness, and Occupational Studies (HWOS) after year four of the program, and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (M.S.O.T.) after year five of the program.

Bachelor of Science in Health, Wellness, and Occupational Studies

A U N E student shows an elementary school student how to use an i-pad

In this accelerated pathway, you’ll study for three years on UNE’s coastal Biddeford campus with your undergraduate Health, Wellness and Occupational Studies cohort. In year four, you’ll begin earning credits towards your master’s while completing your B.S.

UNE’s HWOS program will teach you how to work with a range of individuals to assess their wellness and guide them toward healthier lives. Combining health sciences, wellness promotion, and human occupation, this major is a perfect foundation for your graduate OT degree.

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Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

An Occupational Therapy student wearing blue scrubs assists a patient wearing a neck brace with a foot sling

UNE’s M.S.O.T. degree program will prepare you in client-centered critical thinking and clinical excellence for a fulfilling and successful occupational therapy practice.

Learn to meet the needs of pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients in state-of-the-art facilities on our Portland, Maine, campus. You can also practice exciting fieldwork in locations across the country. Our leading faculty, who are engaged in important occupational therapy research, will teach you everything you need to know to excel in this rapidly growing field.

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Why UNE for Your Occupational Therapy Education

  • The 3+2 pathway removes one year from your undergraduate-to-graduate OT education, saving you time and money.
  • This accelerated process allows you to begin your career earlier.
  • UNE OT students have a track record of success: The licensure exam pass rate is 98.5% for UNE M.S.O.T. grads (2020–2023).
  • Within your 3+2 cohort, you’ll build connections and community with others who share your passion for OT. 
  • As part of the HWOS curriculum, you’ll study on our beautiful coastal campus in Biddeford, Maine. You’ll complete service learning projects, participate in meaningful undergraduate research and internships, and have access to an optional Assistive Technology specialization.
  • As an OT student, you’ll learn in state-of-the-art facilities on our Portland, Maine, Campus for the Health Sciences, home to 11 different health disciplines. 
  • You’ll experience all areas of OT practice including pediatric, adult, and geriatric care, to develop diverse career options.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to do fieldwork in locations across the country, from Atlanta to Honolulu.
  • You will be taught by leading faculty who are performing important research and shaping the way OT is taught, and practiced. 

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Team-Based Learning in Occupational Therapy

As a student in UNE's Occupational Therapy program, you have the unique opportunity to collaborate with students from other health professions and apply this participation toward your Interprofessional Honors Distinction. You will continue to use these interprofessional team-based learning skills in your clinical workplace after you graduate.

Hear what our alumni have to say about Interprofessional Education at UNE

UNE Occupational Therapy In Action

Meet Nadia, M.S.O.T. ’24

Meet Bailey, M.S.O.T. ’24

Meet Emily, M.S.O.T. ’24

The Pre-Occupational Therapy 3+2 Experience

Internships for Pre-OT to Occupational Therapy 3+2 Program Students

As a student in the accelerated OT program, you are required to complete the HWOS Internship course. The goal of the requirement is to provide you the opportunity to gain additional skills that will make you successful in the M.S.O.T. program.


In your final year during the Fall and Spring semesters, you complete required fieldwork in two 12-week experiences.


Undergraduate (HWOS) Year 1

Course Credits
ENG 110 English Composition 3
PSY 105 Introduction to Psychology 3
BIO 104 Introduction to Biology 4
IHS 130 WCHP First Year Experience 3
MAT 120 Statistics 3
SOC 150 Introduction to Sociology 3
BIO 208 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
EXP Humanity 3
ART Creative Arts 3
HWOS First Year Seminar 1
Total Credits 30

Undergraduate (HWOS) Year 2

Course Credits
BIO 209 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
PSY 205 Abnormal Psychology 3
IHS 310 Interprofessional Ethics 3
Social Global Awareness 3
HWOS 316 Research Methods 3
BIO 309 Pathophysiology 3
PSY 250 Lifespan 3
HWOS 305 Introduction to Occupational Therapy 3
EXS 180 Motor Learning 3
HWOS 201 Foundations of Assistive Technology 3
HWOS Seminar 2 1
Internship 1
Total Year 2 Credits 30

Undergraduate (HWOS) Year 3

Course Credits
HWOS 315 Assessment for Wellness 3
BIO 404 Neuro or PHY 125 Biomechanics 4
HWOS 331 Principles of Health Promotion 3
Env Requirement 3
HWOS 405 Occupational Science 3
Advanced study Humanity 3
HWOS 432 Disability Studies 3
HWOS Elective 3
HWOS Elective 3
Total Year 3 Credits 31
Total Undergraduate Credits 91

Year 4 (M.S.O.T.)

M.S.O.T. Summer Semester
Course Credits
OTR 502 – Occupational Analysis 3
OTR 505 – Foundations in OT 3
OTR 520/520L – Functional Movement Analysis and Lab 4
OTR 532 – Therapeutic Use of Self and Group Process 3
OTR 531 - Health Conditions and Occupational Therapy 3
Total M.S.O.T. Summer Semester Credits 16
M.S.O.T. Fall Semester
Course Credits
OTR 521 – Biopsychosocial Dimensions of Mental Health and Wellness 3
OTR 640 – Neuro-occupation 3
OTR 650 – Leadership/Advocacy within Delivery Systems 3
OTR 528 - MH FW Seminar 1
OTR 521L – OT Interventions in Mental Health and Wellness 2
OTR 628 – Research Methods and Design 3
Total M.S.O.T. Fall Semester Credits 12
M.S.O.T. Spring Semester
Course Credits
OTR 621 – Healthcare Management and Delivery 3
OTR 611 – Biopsychosocial Dimensions of Children and Youth 3
OTR 605 – Pediatric FW Seminar 1
OTR 611L – OT Interventions w/Children and Youth 2
OTR 610 – Integrative Practice w/Children and Youth 3
OTR 619 – Evidence-based Research Seminar 3
Total M.S.O.T. Spring Semester Credits 15
Total M.S.O.T. Year 1 Credits 46

Year 5 (M.S.O.T.)

M.S.O.T. Summer Semester
Course Credits
OTR 527 – Rehabilitation, Disability, and Participation in Adulthood 4
OTR 630 – Essentials for Practice in OT 3
OTR 606 – Communities and Context 3
OTR 604 – RDP FW Seminar 1
OTR 527L – OT Interventions w/Adults 2
OTR 529 – Integrative Practice w/Adults 2
Total M.S.O.T. Summer 2 Semester Credits 15
M.S.O.T. Fall Semester
Course Credits
OTR 601 – Fieldwork IIA* 6
M.S.O.T. Spring Semester
Course Credits
OTR 601 – Fieldwork IIB* 6
Total Year 5 Credits 73

Level 2 fieldwork requirements are 2 12-week fieldwork experiences and occur in the last two semesters of the UNE MSOT program. Students return in May to campus for their graduation experiences.

An occupational therapy student wraps the wrist of a patient

Careers Paths for Occupational Therapy Majors

A career in occupational therapy will improve the lives of your clients in clearly tangible ways. By helping clients assess and overcome physical challenges, you can improve their ability to succeed at home, school, work, and in the community.

Among the many job opportunities you will find:

  • Care manager
  • Health improvement practitioner
  • Occupational therapist

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

  • Case Management
  • Hand Therapy
  • Driving Rehab Specialist
  • Adaptive Sports Programming
  • Community Mental Health
  • Durable Medical Equipment Specialist
  • Early Intervention Specialist

Typical employers include:

  • Hospitals
  • Housing associations
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Community centers
  • Charities
  • Prisons
  • Job centers
  • Home health agencies
  • Private practice 
  • Skilled nursing facilities

Make Your OT Educational Journey in Maine

Students in the UNE accelerated M.S.O.T. degree program will begin their studies on our beautiful oceanside Biddeford campus as part of the HWOS cohort. You’ll learn within UNE’s supportive undergraduate community even as you begin to build momentum toward your master’s.

As you progress, your graduate study will move to our Portland Campus for the Health Sciences, home to 11 different health professions programs. The campus, a classic New England quad with brick buildings and tall trees is the perfect place for your advanced studies. 

Portland, named “America’s Most Livable City” by Forbes and “Foodiest Small Town in America” by Bon Appetit, is the city on every list. A rustic port hosts a vibrant cultural scene — with outdoor adventure all around. UNE’s campus is just 10 minutes from downtown. 

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Global Opportunities for Occupational Therapy Majors

UNE strives to empower students to become global citizens, and in our occupational therapy program, you’ll have unique, fascinating opportunities to travel internationally and gain a wider perspective of OT. This might be on UNE's Morocco campus or on short-term, faculty-led experiences in Guatemala, Ghana, and more.


OTR 699: Occupational Science in Guatemala

  • Open to: Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Students
  • Faculty: Kristin Winston, Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA
  • Application Deadline: January 1, 2023

Course Description

This spring course will provide you with knowledge regarding cultural competency and sensitivity through classroom learning and clinical observations in Guatemala. You will begin by researching and examining some of the differences between the US and Guatemala in the areas of OT education, health care, and culture while on campus in Portland. As the course progresses, it will move the study of cultural competence beyond the classroom into the world around you. You will travel to Guatemala for 12 days in late April and early May to visit hospitals, rehab settings, and non-governmental healthcare-related organizations and local OT programs. These experiences will provide you with opportunities to demonstrate cultural sensitivity with a variety of populations.

Apply for OT Guatemala

Occupational Science in Guatemala Sample Itinerary (PDF)


OTR 699: Occupational Science In Morocco

  • Open to: Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Students
  • Faculty: Kristin Winston, Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA

Morocco, Occupational Therapy Course Description

This spring semester elective course for second-year Occupational Therapy (OT) graduate students provides advanced study in occupational science, occupational therapy without borders, and interprofessional practice with emphasis on the cultural context of occupation. Students will explore the transaction of place, objects, and people as they engage in everyday occupation and service to expand occupational participation in Morocco. Occupational experiences with agencies and organizations in Morocco will provide population-based reflection and hands-on experiences. This course includes the development of a sustainable project with outcome measurement based in ecological theory. This course, designed to immerse the student in a new culture, will facilitate renewed perspectives of occupation, occupational therapy, interprofessional practice, and global understanding of the value of occupation in society. Students will travel to the University of New England campus in Tangier, Morocco in early to mid-January.

Apply for Morocco, Occupational Therapy

Morocco, Occupational Therapy Sample Itinerary (PDF)


The Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at UNE was initially accredited in 1985 and has been continuously accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) since that time. Our next accreditation visit will occur in the 2024/2025 academic year. ACOTE is located at 6116 Executive Boulevard, Suite 200, North Bethesda, MD 20852-4929. ACOTE’s telephone number, C/O AOTA is (301) 652-6611 and its web address is

NBCOT Exam Pass Rates

M.S. program graduates are eligible to take the certification examination administered by the National Board Certification in Occupational Therapy. Learn more about the exam and UNE pass rates