Curricular Requirements

  • The first two semesters are conducted hybrid with course work online. Students will come to campus two weekends per semester for in-person classes.
  • During the second two semesters, students will attend classes full time on the Portland campus. The majority of the basic science and anesthesia didactic courses are offered during this period. The remaining 19 months of the program are clinically based, with an emphasis on advanced coursework, clinical training, simulation lab experiences, and completion of a senior research project. All students are required to complete the entire curriculum with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

First year

Fall Course Requirements Credits
ANE 720 – Leadership in Advanced Practice Nursing and the Evolving Healthcare System 3
ANE 722 – Epidemiology, Population Health, and Prevention 3
ANE 719 – Economics, Ethics, and Healthcare Policy 3
Total 9
Spring Course Requirements Credits
ANE 726 – Translational Research and Evidence Based Practice 3
ANE 723 – Using Informatics to Improve Healthcare Quality and Safety 3
ANE 701 – Fundamentals of Anesthesia 3
Total 9
Summer Course Requirements Credits
ANE 704 – Advanced Pharmacology I 3
ANE 702 – Basic Principles of Anesthesia I 3
ANE 706 – Advanced Anatomy and Physiology I 3
ANE 708 – Advanced Pathophysiology I 3
ANE 710 – Airway Management 2
ANE 712 – Professional and Role Development of the CRNA 3
Total 17
Total First Year credits 35

Second Year

Fall Course Requirements Credits
ANE 705 – Advanced Pharmacology II 3
ANE 703 – Basic Principles of Anesthesia II 3
ANE 707 – Advanced Anatomy and Physiology II 3
ANE 709 – Advanced Pathophysiology II 3
ANE 717 – Pain Theory and Management in Clinical Practice 4
ANE 714 – Advanced Physical Assessment Across the Lifespan 3
Total 19
Spring Course Requirements Credits
ANE 732 – Clinical Practicum I 2
ANE 715 – Advanced Principles of Anesthesia I 3
Total 5
Summer Course Requirements Credits
ANE 734 – Clinical Practicum II 2
ANE 716 – Advanced Principles of Anesthesia 3
ANE 727 – Introduction to Scholarly Project 2
Total 7
Total Second Year credits 31

Third Year

Fall Course Requirements Credits
ANE 736 – Clinical Practicum III 2
ANE 729 – DNP Scholarly Project II 2
Total 4
Spring Course Requirements Credits
ANE 738 – Clinical Practicum IV 2
ANE 718 – Pathophysiology and Management of the Patient with Chronic Pain 2
ANE 724 – Senior Symposium I 1
ANE 730 – DNP Scholarly Project III 1
Total 6
Summer Course Requirements Credits
ANE 740 – Clinical Practicum V 2
ANE 742 – Anesthesia Disaster and Crisis Resource Management 1
ANE 725 – Senior Symposium II 1
Total 4
Total Third Year credits 14
Total Program Required Credits 80

Clinical training

Upon completion of the didactic portion of the program, the students move on to the 19-month clinical portion of the curriculum. The primary focus is clinical experiential anesthesia education. The clinical experience obtained encompasses all areas for the student to achieve clinical competency in anesthesia. This is accomplished through affiliations at various clinical sites. The Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs has set minimum standards for clinical experience that each student must achieve prior to graduation from the program to qualify for the National Certifying Examination. Each student is required to administer a specific number of anesthetics including all techniques, agents, and patients across the lifespan.

All types of anesthesia techniques and the latest agents are available for student learning. Students are able to obtain experience in general anesthetics, intravenous agents, invasive line placement, and regional anesthesia including spinal, epidural, and peripheral nerve blocks including the use of ultrasound. More than the required minimum case numbers and clinical hours are obtained during the clinical phase. All of the surgical specialties are included, and specialty experiences such as neurosurgery, open-heart surgery, and obstetrics are obtained through clinical rotations. Each student spends one to two months in a CRNA only clinical site.

Clinical Affiliates

Please refer to the clinical education website for a list of clinical sites currently utilized by the School of Nurse Anesthesia.