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International Students


What's Early Action?

We offer an Early Action deadline (nonbinding) for undergraduate applicants who desire early notification of their admission status. Applicants wishing to be considered for Early Action will need to submit their completed application by December 1. Students submitting all application materials on or before December 1 will receive notification of their admissions decision prior to December 31.


The University of New England classifies a non-immigrant student as an international applicant. This type of student does not hold U.S. Citizenship or U.S. Permanent Residency (U.S. Resident Alien) and needs a visa to study in the United States. This includes students who are living and/or studying outside the U.S. and students who are living and/or studying in the U.S. at the time of their application for admission.

A student who is a Citizen, Dual Citizen, or Permanent Resident of the U.S., who does not live in the U.S. or has lived in the U.S. a short time, does not need to complete the International Student Supplemental Application, but is welcome to take advantage of all student services available

Required Submissions:

  1. A Common Application or a UNE Application with the $40 application fee.
  2. Official proof of English Language Proficiency
  3. Official SAT* or ACT results are required. 
  4. Official copy of high school transcript or four-year educational record. International transcripts must be provided in English with grading scale or using traditional U.S. Education System grade scale. If your educational institution cannot provide this, your transcript must be evaluated through World Education Services.

Though it is not a requirement for admission, we highly recommend that you visit the UNE campus that houses the program to which you are interested in applying, for a tour and information session.

Visit the international admissions website for more detailed information.