Headshot of Admissions Student Ambassador, Elizabeth M

Meet Elizabeth M.


Elementary Education major, Special Education, Women's and Gender Studies minor ’24


 Essex, VT


  • Resident Advisor
  • Works in local schools

Why UNE?

On my first tour, my senior year of high school, I immediately felt like I fit here. The campus is beautiful, the location is unmatched, and the education department, though small, is incredible and well-renowned in the area.

Favorite class

Trauma Responsive Education. It can be applied to almost any profession so it is really versatile. It covers childhood trauma and how it can affect adulthood, as well as how attachment forms, different responses to trauma, and many other fascinating topics.

Go-to local place to eat

I love cowbell for a good turkey burger (I don't eat red meat), New Moon for a fabulous brunch, and Jin for good sushi, ramen, and dumplings.

Favorite spot on campus

The third floor study room in the Library with the natural light from all the windows, the first floor commons, or Freddy Beach!