School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Testimonials

Headshot of U N E student Anika Koopman

The [neuroscience] major is smaller here, which is really cool because we can develop strong relationships with our professors.

Applied Social and Cultural Studies, Neuroscience
Headshot of U N E student Kamy Pooler

One of the greatest things about UNE is the large variety of different experiential learning opportunities.

Animal Behavior, Marine Science
U N E student Avery Jacob

I came to UNE because of the Animal behavior major. It’s not very common. Most colleges have things like zoology or biology, but I wanted to zone in more on animal behavior.

Animal Behavior, Mental Health Rehabilitation
U N E Student Sidney Lyytikainen

I co-authored our abstract on anthropogenic noise impacting the humpback whale song. And when it got published, it got accepted to the Acoustical Society of America conference in Seattle. So I got to travel with my professor and accompany her on her presentation of the abstracts. That was awesome.

Animal Behavior
Headshot of U N E student Jeremiah Martinez

The classes that I’m taking at UNE are setting me up for a good future.

Political Science
Claire Alden

The classes [at the study abroad program in France] were incredible. I can’t put into words how amazing the experience was overall.

History, Political Science, Global Studies
Headshot of U N E Marine Sciences student Elena Shipley

At other schools, it may be difficult to get into research and fieldwork experience during undergrad, but I was able to find myself in a lab my first semester.

Animal Behavior, Marine Sciences (Marine Biology Track)
Headshot of U N E student Will Szumita

Because I've gotten that education at UNE, I know a lot of stuff about the animals that people might overlook.

Animal Behavior, Marine Sciences (Marine Biology Track)
Luke Colomey stands against a brick wall and smiles directly at the camera

I’ve gotten to know all of my professors really well. I get a lot of one-on-one and face-to-face time with my professors and my peers. The personal attention makes a huge difference. I get access to a lot of amazing opportunities.

Business Administration, English, Political Science
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[The opportunity to work in the Burman Collaborative] provided invaluable scientific, professional, and life experience before graduating with an undergraduate degree.
Neuroscience, Philosophy
Headshot of U N E alumni Tyler Vunk
My English professors challenged me to back up my arguments, sharpening my research and writing skills, and gave me the space to safely experiment with both formal and colloquial forms of communication.
English, Neuroscience
Headshot of U N E neuroscience and writing student Ravin Davis
As a future physician, I believe my special combination of science and English will benefit my patients and colleagues as I am able to translate complex topics into familiar concepts.
Neuroscience, Writing
Kristin Dechene Campbell

My background at UNE has given me a strong foundation for career success.

Business Administration, Psychology
Allie Symonds

I wouldn’t be on the track I am — on the career path I’m on — if I hadn’t gotten involved in undergraduate research.

Sociology, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Zoe Roberts

The skills I learned at UNE have been invaluable to me as I pursue my Ph.D. in School Psychology...My background in research and experiences in schools allowed me to hit the ground running.

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I am so grateful for my time at UNE and how prepared I was upon graduation to enter into my chosen career path.

Mental Health Rehabilitation
Tom Cook

If I hadn’t had the internship experiences I had at UNE, I would not hold my current position...they were able to hire me because of my education versus the years of service. Education is everything.

Benjamin Katz

The department’s biggest strength is without a doubt the faculty members. In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable in their areas of expertise, their approachability in class and during office hours helped facilitate my learning.

Mental Health Rehabilitation
Headshot of Stephen Byrd
I've taught students at the University of Texas, and I've taught students at the University of New England, and I will take the students at UNE ten times out of ten.
Applied Social and Cultural Studies
Bailey Sullivan

UNE offers a lot of hands-on experience — there is a focus on internships. Professors want you to do more than one because they want you to have the hands-on experience to figure out exactly what you’re interested in.

Animal Behavior
Marlie Perkins

Everyone made me feel involved in the program on a personal level rather than strictly an academic one. Every faculty member cares so much...It fosters a great community.

Animal Behavior, Environmental Science
Hannah St. Germain

I am able to already hone in on what I want to do later on down the line by studying neuroscience and the brain. Being more specialized now, focusing on the brain and neuroscience, will help me later on in my work.

Mackenzie Deveau

Everything that I studied came together in a perfect funnel — that’s exactly what college should do. It’s a real, true liberal arts experience.

Political Science, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Mackenzie Deveau

Everything that I studied came together in a perfect funnel — that’s exactly what college should do. It’s a real, true liberal arts experience.

Political Science, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Michael Burman

Being in a place that’s growing, improving, and on a mission to get better is inspiring.