According to the American Association of Colleges and University, nearly three-fourths of employers — across a vast array of careers — are seeking employees with greater cultural competence. 

Employers seek employees with skills and experience in communication, critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving and ability to adapt to new environments and challenges. As a Global Studies major, you will be well prepared to apply your knowledge to these skill sets desired. You will be able to speak on the value of your extensive study-abroad and foreign language experience and be a strong applicant for business, non-profit, teaching and government environments. 

How does Global Studies relate to other majors and minors?

Have you already declared a major and/or minor and wondering how adding a focus in Global Studies will correlate to the career path of your current major? Here are a few examples:

History +

Global Studies ⇒

International History Professor, Archivist, Foreign Services, Reporter, Civil Service, Cultural Officer

Pre-Med Biology +

Global Studies ⇒

Medical Career Abroad (i.e., Doctors Without Borders, PeaceCorp, International Medical Corps)

Business +

Global Studies ⇒

International Trade, International Hotel Administrator, International Account Manager

Marine Sciences +

Global Studies ⇒

Global careers through companies such as Earthwatch, Nature Conservancy, Oceana

Any of the possible career choices can also be done right here in the U.S.

Career Services

Whatever path you choose to pursue, Career Services can help you plan your next step.

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