Office of Experiential Pharmacy Education

The process of experiential education allows you to learn through experience in real-world settings, putting to use the skills learned in didactic coursework.

Introductory Pharmacy
Practice Experience (IPPE)

The introductory pharmacy practice experiences in community and institutional pharmacy settings begin early in the professional curriculum and are interfaced with didactic course instruction that provides an introduction to the profession of pharmacy. The IPPEs progressively increase your knowledge base, and prepare you for the advanced pharmacy practice experiences.

Advanced Pharmacy
Practice Experience (APPE)

The advanced pharmacy practice experiences take place in the fourth professional year and involve six, 6-week full-time experiences in a variety of pharmacy practice settings that are involved with direct patient care. 

The required experiences include community, hospital, ambulatory care, and inpatient/acute care general medicine pharmacy among patients of all ages, and involve collaboration with other health care professionals.  Electives may include, but are not limited to, drug information, long-term care, research, compounding and the pharmacy industry. 

Experiential pharmacy education at this level is conducted under direct pharmacist-preceptor supervision and monitoring.



by the Numbers

  • 285

    Number of rotation sites in Maine, New England and Nationwide

  • 75%

    Percentage of clinical rotations that are completed with UNE faculty

  • 1/3

    1/3 of Pharm.D. program is Experiential Education

Office of Experiential Education