Headshot of U N E student Ryan White

The class sizes are on the smaller side, so the professors know your name. The learning experience is much better than on a larger campus.

Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), Pre-Pharmacy
Headshot of U N E student Alexis Radziewicz

The thought of being a pharmacist can be intimidating, but everyone here works together — it’s not every man or woman for themselves, it's we're in this together.

Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), Pre-Pharmacy
Headshot of U N E student Delia Mack

I completed the pre-pharmacy program at UNE as the president of my class. Now studying at the graduate level, I’m excited to be alongside my Nor’easter peers at an institution that values nontraditional paths like mine.

Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), Pre-Pharmacy
Headshot of U N E student Abigail Bloom

I definitely feel like the Pre-Pharmacy classes that I took prepared me for the classes that I'm in now. There are perfect parallels, it’s set up just for pharmacy students.

Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), Pre-Pharmacy
U N E board of trustees student trustee Brock Johndro

I felt at home at UNE, and everybody I met at my interview was so nice and approachable, and it felt genuine — something you don't find everywhere.

Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
Stephanie Lewis
I apply the knowledge and skills that I developed during UNE's PGY1 residency program in my new role at Yale New Haven Hospital every day.
Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
Krystal Lacombe portrait
Going to pharmacy school has allowed me to explore the scientific field without narrowing my potential career opportunities.
Headshot of U N E Pharmacy student Theresa Foster
By having flexibility and support, I was able to leverage these non-traditional curriculum opportunities to pursue a career in industry pharmacy as a fellow and stood out from the crowd of other Pharm.D. fellow applicants that did not have these valuable and rewarding experiences.
Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), Pre-Pharmacy