A Collaborative Community of Scholars

We are a collaborative community of scholars that values all forms of scholarly inquiry. Our students and faculty pursue research and scholarship that is intellectually stimulating, regionally responsive, and globally relevant. We confront the most pressing challenges of our society through foundational, translational, and interdisciplinary approaches to inquiry. In addition to the contributions our faculty make to fundamental discoveries and to solving these problems, they engage undergraduate, graduate, and professional students directly in this work, making research and scholarship essential parts of students’ educational experience. This exposure to the hands-on creation and application of knowledge prepares UNE students for success in careers and graduate study and as responsible citizens.

  • Continue to refine focal areas of research and scholarship that will distinguish UNE and have priority for future investment, faculty recruitment, and external fundraising. 
  • Increase meaningful student involvement in research and scholarship.
  • Expand faculty involvement in scholarship and research and strengthen the culture of knowledge production and application.
A faculty member assists a student with looking into a microscope
A group of Marine Science students deploy a shark detection buoy into the Atlantic Ocean
Two students soldering in the Makerspace