A Strong and Sustainable Resource Base

To achieve the goals of this strategic plan, we must continue to build a strong foundation of human, financial, and physical resources. Moreover, we must systematically connect our resource allocation decisions to our priorities in order to steward the University’s resources carefully. By doing this, we will enhance our institutional efficiency, flexibility, and resilience and secure UNE’s future well beyond the time frame of this strategic plan, for the benefit of past, current, and future students.

  • Continue to strengthen our financial foundation.
  • Expand, support, and enhance our valuable human resources.
  • Grow, optimize, and secure our physical and virtual resources to effectively support the dynamic nature of the UNE community and our external partnerships.
  • Reimagine UNE’s brand identity and create a robust communication plan that increases awareness of UNE’s distinctiveness and heightens its reputation.


U N E students in lab, on Biddeford Campus and in SIM lab

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