Enhancing inclusiveness

UNE strives to create an exceptionally welcoming community of students, faculty, and professional staff and to be an exemplar for the higher education community. We will build on this environment to create a climate on and around our campuses that respects and honors all dimensions of human difference. We will ensure that people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints are represented and supported on all of our campuses and extended learning sites. Moreover, we will foster vigorous and constructive discourse among the members of (and visitors to) our community that will support our fundamental mission of promoting learning, research, and personal growth. In addition, these efforts will instill in our students, faculty, and professional staff the desire and capacities to promote greater equity, fairness, and justice in the numerous professional and community settings where they will lead their lives and in society at large.

  • Build a UNE community that is diverse along all dimensions of human difference.
  • Enhance the inclusiveness of our community, fully integrating all students, faculty, and professional staff into the life of the University as respected and recognized members.
Two students wave and cheer from the crowd of a U N E football game
A group of U N E students stand together at a First Night event
Two U N E students wearing rainbow headbands and smile at a Portland Pride Parade