Working to realize our vision for the future


The University of New England prepares students to thrive in a rapidly changing world and, in so doing, to improve the health of people, communities, and our planet.


We realize this mission through our commitment to a distinctive approach to education that puts UNE among the most experientially driven institutions of higher education in the nation. We provide teaching and learning that conjoins problem-based and hands-on learning, liberal education, and professional training to immerse students in an educational experience that prepares them with:

  • Habits of mind, such as cultural, quantitative, and information literacy, critical thinking, tolerance for ambiguity, and problem-solving skills;
  • Discipline-based knowledge in their chosen programs of study; and
  • Professional competencies, including emotional intelligence, the ability to collaborate in diverse teams, the skills to communicate persuasively, and the attributes to be thoughtful leaders.

We are an institution that challenges students to learn broadly, master their professional skills, ask probing questions, and engage in respectful discourse in the context of a robust marketplace of ideas. In this way, they prepare themselves for further study and successful careers, deeply rewarding lives, and meaningful contributions to their communities and the world.

I am very proud of our community’s plan and equally proud of the process we followed to develop it. We now devote ourselves to working together to realize our exciting vision of UNE’s future.” —President James Herbert

Core Values

We are guided by the following values, essential to the culture of the UNE community.


We put the aspirations, needs, and success of our students at the center of all we do.

Diversity, Inclusion, Connection

We believe the benefits of a richly varied campus community arise not only from the diversity of its people but also from a sense of belonging and the context this creates to explore and celebrate differences in backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, underpinned by a sense of cultural humility and a commitment to ethical ideals.

Relentless Inquiry

We take nothing for granted and view thoughtful — even uncomfortable — questioning and civil discourse as essential to the pursuit of knowledge, contribution to society, and a life worth living. Our commitment to University-wide academic freedom is fundamental to this value.

Boundary Crossing

Solutions to the complex and varied challenges we face in our personal and professional lives, our communities, and society will not be found in any single discipline, college, physical location, or individual. Thus, our ability to move easily across such boundaries in order to collaborate with colleagues makes us better problem solvers and more likely to succeed in whatever ventures we undertake.

Learning Everywhere

We believe that teaching and learning should occur beyond traditional classrooms and laboratories — in any place ripe for inquiry and experimentation, including clinics, environmental and field-study sites, online forums, libraries, museums, theaters, and places of civic engagement, among many others.

Progressive Change

We are not afraid to take thoughtful risks in the pursuit of our shared goals. Our mindset is to strategically forecast and plan for possibilities in an unknown future.

Stewardship of Our Planet

We are committed to promoting environmental, social, and economic well-being to improve the health of individuals, communities, and ecosystems.

A dental student works on a patient's teeth while a professor reviews their technique
An O T student smiles as she practices placing a malleable splint on another student
A student holding a microphone asks a question at a U N E event