Our beautiful campuses are not only retreats for learning and reflection but also portals to networks of people, organizations, and communities worldwide from whom we can learn and with whom we can work to solve important problems. We build meaningful connections with business and industry, educational institutions, public and not-for-profit agencies, as well as with governmental and non-governmental organizations around the world. These relationships greatly increase the knowledge, expertise, and opportunities available to our students, faculty, professional staff, and alumni beyond what we can provide alone. And for students, such connections not only enhance learning but also pay dividends long after graduation—in their careers, their personal lives, and in the contributions they make to their communities.

  • Enhance our international presence to build students’ global competency and cultural humility.
  • Encourage committed engagement with the communities around UNE.
  • Broaden and strengthen our engagement with UNE community members worldwide to increase their affinity with, loyalty to, and pride in their alma mater.
  • Expand affiliations with other institutions of higher education to increase opportunities for research, student and faculty exchanges, and new and expanded academic programs.