Strategic Plan Timeline

The University of New England last implemented a strategic plan in 1997. This plan fulfilled many of its goals and objectives, and in 2007 UNE President Danielle Ripich initiated a new, comprehensive 10-year strategic plan outlining the vision, values and goals of the University.

President Ripich’s first action was to reach out to UNE’s many internal and external constituencies to commence work on the plan. This document captures the key dates and actions in the strategic planning process, which resulted in final plan approval by the Board of Trustees in November 2008.

January 2007

President Ripich initiated creation of a new strategic plan and assembled a Strategic Planning Committee to commence work.

February 2007

* On February 11, 2007, P.D. Merrill, Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee and a longtime member of the UNE Board of Trustees, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. The UNE community mourned the loss of a dear friend and supporter.

The Strategic Planning Committee reorganized under the direction of Co-Chairs Dan D’Entremont and Ed Woodsum.

March 2007

The Strategic Planning Committee first met to the lay out the vision statement, core values and mission. The Committee oriented its discussion around the focusing principles outlined in the book Good to Great by Jim Collins.

June 2007

The Committee completed final draft of the strategic plan.

August 2007

President Ripich and the UNE Leadership Team met to review the strategic plan and prepare for Phase II at its annual retreat. At the Fall Assembly, the President publicly shared an update on the strategic planning process with all UNE staff and faculty, and thanked everyone for their input.

September 2007

After a comprehensive review process, the Strategic Planning Committee met to finalize the document and complete Phase I of the plan.  The Long-Range Planning Committee of the Board of Trustees met and approved the plan, "Framework for the Future." The full Board met the next day and unanimously approved the plan.

October 2007

President Ripich initiated the shift to focus on Phase II. The purpose of Phase II planning was to develop an integrated, comprehensive plan for UNE. Each unit at UNE was to have a plan that includes goals, objectives, and action steps, including the necessary metrics to measure success.

Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee was formed to begin the Phase II process. The 15-member cross-functional committee met regularly to coordinate ideas and develop individual unit strategic plans to integrate with the broader University plan.

November and December 2007

All units at UNE engaged in planning activities at the unit and college level.

January 2008

President Ripich met with Friends of UNE at an on-campus reception to discuss the strategic plan and gather feedback.

The UNE Board of Trustees initiated a process of reflection and assessment of Board effectiveness as part of the Strategic Planning Process.

February through May 2008

President Ripich and others from the UNE Leadership Team met with a variety of internal and external constituents to exchange ideas on the planning effort. This included students, faculty, board members, community groups and supporters.

March 2008

Draft plans from units and colleges were reviewed and revised.

April 2008

The Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee completed its initial plan for the departments, units and colleges of the University. Each part of UNE submitted a plan with an emphasis on demonstrating “Excellence, Innovation and Integration.”

The President met with academic leadership, including the Provost, Vice President for Research, and Academic Deans, to explore ways to fully implement the three strategic initiatives presented in the “Framework for the Future”: Centers of Academic Excellence, Academic Health Science Center, and Center for Research

May 2008

The University of New England Board of Trustees Long Range Planning Committee reviewed draft planning documents

Town Hall meetings to share and discuss the final plan took place on the Biddeford and Portland campuses and were well-attended by faculty, staff and students.

Summer 2008

President Ripich, the Coordinating Committee and others continued discussions and open sessions with multiple groups and met with the UNE Leadership Team to finalize "Framework for the Future." The Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee developed a detailed implementation plan linking unit plans to the Framework.

Winter 2008-09

The University of New England Board of Trustees adopted the final plan at its November 2008 meeting, and work commenced immediately to begin implementation.

Spring 2009

The Long-Range Planning Committee of the Board of Trustees asked that the enacted strategic plan be called "Vision for the Future."

President's Comments