The University of New England classifies student credit load status for the purposes of financial aid loan deferments. The following table applies credit hour enrollment to full-time, 3/4-time and half-time status.

Program Classification Credits
Undergraduate Full Time 12.0 or more
  3/4 Time 9.0 - 11.9

Half Time 

6.0 - 8.9


Less Than Half Time

1.0 - 5.9

Graduate/ First Professional /
Doctoral Programs 

Full Time

6.0 or more

  Half Time

3.0 - 5.9

Graduate Level Certification Programs

Full Time 6.0
  Half Time 3.0

EDD and GMAR/GBIO (Thesis Course Only)

Full Time

1.0 or more

Master of Science Nurse Anesthesia

Full Time Only Full Time Only

College of Osteopathic Medicine

Full Time Only Full Time Only

College of Pharmacy

Full Time 10.0 or more
  3/4 Time 7.0 - 9.9
  Half Time 6.0 or less