Accepting Transfer Credits

Before you become a student at UNE, the Office of Admissions will help advise you on matters pertaining to transfer credits. Generally, UNE can accept transfer credits from regionally accredited institutions of higher education, AP, CLEP, accredited military training programs, and, to some extent, from prior experiential learning. Some restrictions may apply.

Transfer Evaluation 

Once you are an admitted UNE student, a transfer evaluation is forwarded by the Credentials Evaluator to you and your academic advisor. This evaluation is based on receipt of official transcripts from your previous institutions, which you are responsible for requesting. 

Transferring Credits While Attending UNE

After you begin attending UNE, you must obtain permission before taking coursework at other institutions, if you desire that work to be counted for credit toward your UNE degree. You may do so by filling out the Transfer of Course Work form. This must be done prior to your enrolling in the external course(s). Afterwards, you must request your official transcript from the other institution and send it to us in Registration Services as soon as the work is completed.

In most cases coursework from other institutions must earn a grade of "C-" or higher to transfer to UNE, and some programs impose even higher grade cutoffs and/or time restrictions on the age of coursework which can be transferred. This information can be found on the individual catalog page related to your program.