Cross-Registration Opportunities

The University of New England is a member of the Greater Portland Alliance of Colleges and Universities (GPACU). This is a six-member alliance between institutions of higher education in the Portland area that provides cross registration opportunities and other activities for eligible students.  

The other participating institutions are the University of Southern Maine, Southern Maine Community College, Maine College of Art, Saint Joseph’s College, and Kaplan University.

UNE GPACU Guidelines

These Guidelines are in addition to the GPACU Guidelines for cross registration found on the GPACU website and the GPACU Cross Registration Application.

For UNE Students

  • You are required to fill out a Transfer of Course Work form (PDF) in addition to the GPACU Cross Registration Application for each course. Both forms, should be turned into the Registrar's Office at the same time. We will not process your GPACU Application without this supporting documentation.
  • We will not approve your GPACU application for export if the course is offered at your UNE home campus. The only exception to this is if you need the course to graduate and the course offered at UNE is full or has a time conflict with another course you need to graduate.
  • You must be registered for credits at UNE that are equal to or exceed the number of credits you intend to take through GPACU.
  • UNE is willing to export you after our add/drop period has closed if the add/drop period at the host institution is still open. Please refer to the individual host institution's academic calendar.
  • You are required to obtain your academic advisor's signature on the GPACU Application.
  • We are not able to approve incomplete forms. Please ensure all fields are entered and all signatures obtained before you turn your form into the Registrar's Office.

For All Students

  • UNE will not approve GPACU applications for student import after the UNE add/drop period has closed. This is in the best interest of you and your academic record. Please refer to the UNE Academic Calendar.
  • We will not approve the import or export of online courses.
  • To withdraw from a course you registered for through GPACU, both institutions must be notified. Please contact the UNE Registrar's Office and inquire on the procedure for withdrawing from a GPACU course.


For further information, please contact the Registrar's Office on the Biddeford Campus visit us at Decary Hall 114, or call us at (207) 602-2473. On the Portland Campus, visit us at Hersey Hall 119, or call us at (207) 221-4200. You may also email us at