In order to make your online registration experience as seamless as possible, be sure to complete the following tasks before you begin:

Check your Registration Status

To do this, login to U-Online, select Student Services; then Registration; then Check Your Registration Status. Select the desired term and submit. Incorrect information on this page, could impact your ability to register. Please review it carefully.

Pin Verification

Undergraduate students can enter pin prior to registration to make sure it is correct. It is strongly recommended that you do so prior to registration.  


If you have an administrative hold on your record, you will not be permitted to register until it is cleared. You may be blocked from registration by the following holds:

  • Student Accounts / Accounts Receivable Hold:
    • Contact information is available on the Student Accounts website for Graduate and Undergraduate students.
  • Immunization Hold:
    • Contact information is available on at the Student Health Care website.

Major/Minor Information

Some courses are restricted by major. It is essential for you to apply for any changes to your major or minor prior to your online registration so that you may avoid being blocked unnecessarily from courses. Forms are available online or for you to pick up in  Decary Hall 114 or Hersey Hall 119.

Review Your Coursework and Transfer Credit to Date

To obtain an unofficial copy of your transcript that lists all of your courses taken at UNE and any transfer credit taken elsewhere, login to U-Online, select Student Services; then Student Records; then Academic Transcript. Select All Levels and Unofficial for type and submit.

Prerequisite Checking: Automatic prerequisite checking will be turned on during registration. This means that you will be blocked from registering for any course for which you are missing the prerequisites. Check your past course work to make sure you have met the prerequisites of the courses you need to take. Prerequisite information is found in the course description of each course in the catalog. You can view the prerequisites online by clicking on the CRN of any course in the course offerings list and then selecting the course.

If you are currently enrolled in a course (but have not completed it) that will serve as a prerequisite for any course you need to take; U-Online will allow you to conditionally register for the course. If you do not complete the prerequisite course successfully, you will be removed from the course you anticipated taking.

Transfer Credit: Prerequisites are checked against all of the courses listed on your transcript, including transfer credit. The Registrar's Office is currently entering transfer credit by course for all new transfers. If you will be taking courses with prerequisites and those prerequisites have been transferred in, make sure they are listed on your UNE transcript. If they are missing, you should contact the Registrar's Office before you go online to register.

Update Your Address Online

You are responsible for making sure your address is current and correct. As an active student, you may make changes to your address through U-Online.

Special Assistance for Students with Disabilities

If you have a physical disability and need classes located in an accessible location, or if you use assistive technology and have difficulty accessing registration online, you should contact the Student Access Center to assure prompt attention to your needs. The Student Access Centers are located on the Biddeford Campus and the Portland Campus.