A female U N E student stands with a young girl wearing a bike helmet

The activities we can offer your school system are:


This module allows students to learn about the basic areas of the brain, including the regions, structures, and functions by performing brain dissections using a nonhuman animal. This lesson also discusses the similarities and differences of the nervous systems of numerous other animals.

This activity brings proper dissection techniques and the neuroanatomy of sheep brains into the classroom. Instructors perform informative dissections and show how the dissection is performed and what supplies are necessary.

Brain Safety

This lesson plan is designed to introduce children to brain safety. This interactive lesson discusses the importance of wearing a helmet by demonstrating what can happen to the brain during injury when a helmet is not worn. This lesson also introduces students to what happens to a brain during concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Drugs of Abuse and Addiction

This module informs students of the effects drugs can have from a neurological standpoint. These activities include engaging students in a classroom discussion regarding common drugs of abuse, the classification of drugs, how addiction develops, and observing the physiological effects of two different drugs on a non-human animal model.

  • Bugs on Drugs – Grade 7 Lesson Plan

This lesson includes a discussion and hands-on experiment to teach students about the effects of drugs of abuse. Topics discussed include: how drugs work, different categories of drugs, major theories of addiction, and a demonstration of the physiological effects of drugs on a non-human animal system.