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2019-2020 Master of Science/Post-Masters Certificates in Education Program Costs

TUITION  $580 (per credit hour)
TECHNOLOGY FEE $85 (per semester)
GENERAL SERVICE FEE $55 (per semester)
  • A textbook allowance of $175 per semester is included in the offered financial aid package.
  • Full-time enrollment is based on taking six or more credits per semester. Students enrolled in less than three credits per semester are not eligible for federal aid.
  • Students are awarded funding to cover direct costs (tuition & fees) and textbooks.
  • For students who begin is Session A, awards are based on six credits per semester.
  • For students who begin in Session B, first semester awards are based on three credits per semester. Awards for the following semesters will be based on six credits per semester (one course for each session).
  • Go to for dates loan funding will pay to your account. Refunds arrive 7-10 days after the disbursement date.