Explore Your Financing Options

You may be wondering how you'll pay for your advanced degree, while also working full-time or part-time. We are here to help you finance your online education so that you can earn a degree that's convenient, affordable, and still allows you to balance all of the other important aspects of your life. Several options exist to help you meet your educational costs.

Earnings and Tuition Payment Plan

We recommend you use any existing personal funds available to you to pay your tuition. These can include savings or trust accounts, investment dividends, current earnings from employment, etc. One option to finance your UNE education is to determine a manageable monthly amount that your family can afford to pay and set up an interest-free Tuition Payment Plan.

Outside Scholarships and Funding

An effective way to reduce student loan borrowing is to access as many scholarships and sources of funding as possible. We strongly urge you to diligently research available scholarships and to take advantage of as many as you can every year you are in school. Great resources for finding scholarships include employers and local and professional organizations. Also, we've developed a comprehensive list of the best scholarship search engines and tools on our Money Matters page.


Loans are a reality for most graduate and professional students, and we will help you navigate the borrowing process from application to repayment. We encourage you to be a responsible consumer and to borrow only what is necessary. We urge you to seek advice from our Student Financial Services team whenever needed.


Student Financial Services

For information about the financial aid and billing process contact Student Financial Services at sfs@une.edu or (207) 602-2342. Our office hours are Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–4 p.m.