Additional Information

Requests for living expenses

We are committed to helping you manage your debt. We offer our online students loan funding to cover direct costs, but you can reach out to us if you need to borrow extra funds to help make ends meet while completing your program. If you feel you will need to request living expenses, please go to your U-Online account, read the Terms & Conditions very carefully and find the link to request additional loan funds. Please review the withdrawal policy and be sure to borrow only what is needed to keep your debt as low possible.

Withdrawal from UNE 

Withdrawal from UNE will affect your financial aid eligibility. The Tuition Refund Policy will determine the percentage of tuition refunded based on the date of your withdrawal. Also, if you withdraw from a course after it begins, you will be subject to financial aid calculations to determine aid eligibility, which can result in a balance owed. Finally, if you borrowed money for living expenses, you may need to return the portion for the term you do not attend. It is very important to contact us before withdrawing to discuss the impact on your financial aid. 

Summer Attendance

If your program track includes summer enrollment, aid for the summer term will be factored in. If your program does not typically include summer enrollment and you plan to take courses in the summer, you will need to contact Student Financial Services to have your aid adjusted.

TEACH Grant Information

(For MSED and undergraduate education majors only)

The U.S. Department of Education's Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant (TEACH Grant) program provides funds to students who are completing or plan to complete coursework necessary to begin a career in teaching, and who agree to teach full-time for at least four years:

  • As a highly qualified teacher,
  • At a school or educational service agency (ESA) servicing low-income students, and
  • In a high-need field.

The four years of teaching must be completed within eight years of earning your degree, or ceasing to be enrolled in the program for which you received a TEACH Grant. This requirement is known as your TEACH Grant service obligation.

You must complete a FAFSA, an Agreement to Serve, and TEACH Grant Counseling in order to be eligible. Contact our office at (207) 602-2342 to obtain more information on the TEACH Grant and go to Federal Student Aid — TEACH to complete requirements. If you are interested in the TEACH Grant, you must complete these three items annually:

  1. The UNE TEACH Grant Information Form. If after completing this form you meet all of the requirements, complete the TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve.
  2. TEACH Grant Counseling
  3. The TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve (must log in with your FSA ID to complete the Agreement to Serve)

Student Financial Services

For information about the financial aid and billing process contact Student Financial Services at or (207) 602-2342. Our office hours are Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–3 p.m.

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