Tuition $800 (per credit hour)
Technology Fee $150 (per semester)
General Service Fee $70 (per semester)
  • A textbook allowance of $350 per semester is included in the offered financial aid package.
  • Indirect expenses included in the annual cost of attendance are
    • Transportation: $100/month
    • Personal: $100/month
    • Living expenses: $1,000/month
  • Half-time enrollment is defined as 3–5 credits per semester.
  • Full-time enrollment is defined as 6 or more credits per semester. Students who are enrolled in less than 3 credits per semester are not eligible for federal aid.
  • Students are awarded financial aid funding to cover direct costs (tuition and fees) and textbooks.
  • This program is based on 2 terms (A and B) per semester. Financial aid is awarded accordingly. Go to for dates loan funding will pay to your account (refunds arrive 7-10 days after the disbursement date).

Additional Information

Finance Your Education

We are here to help you finance your online education so that you can earn a degree that's convenient, affordable, and still allows you to balance all of the other important aspects of your life. Several options exist to help you meet your educational costs. Student Financial Services has also created a step-by-step process for applying for aid.

Veteran's Benefits

If you are planning to utilize Veteran's Education Benefits, please explore our information and requirements.


Student Financial Services

For information about the financial aid process call (207) 602-2342 or email Student Financial Services.