Office of Strategic Initiatives

What is the Office of Strategic Initiatives?

Helping UNE’s people connect and collaborate to put innovative ideas into practice

Facilitating collaborative partnerships

The Office of Strategic Initiatives serves the UNE community by facilitating forward-thinking collaborative partnerships between internal stakeholders and external leaders in higher education, technology, health care, government, business, science — and any other field you can think of. We bring UNE talent to the community, and we bring community connections to UNE.

Identifying opportunities for enhancement and innovation

The Office of Strategic Initiatives contributes to university-wide planning and evaluation, including accreditation processes for quality assurance. We support the development of University priorities and institutional partnerships, identifying opportunities for improvement, enhancement and innovation with an eye towards making a positive economic impact.

Fostering an institutional ethos of constant strategic optimization

In an educational landscape that is rapidly and continually evolving, we strive to foster an institutional ethos of constant strategic optimization to strengthen the University.  

Peter Durand, “Ciudad Candid Photo.” Flickr Creative Commons