Steps to Green Office Certification

  1. Acquaint yourself with the information on the UNE Sustainability and UNE Green Office web pages.
  2. If questions arise, or you would like to register for the program, email the Sustainability Office.
  3. The Sustainability Office will then email an Excel spreadsheet assessment tool to the Green Office Leader to be completed by the members of your office. Please complete the assessment tool and email a copy to the Sustainability Office.
  4. Schedule an appointment with the Sustainability Coordinator or an Eco-Rep to have a verification visit.
  5. After the verification visit, your assessment checklist will be scored and you will receive notice about which level you have achieved.
  6. We will then set up a time to present your certificate and plant, typically at a staff meeting so we can take a group photo and publicize your achievement.
  7. Congratulations you are now a green office!

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