Academic Requirements

Depending on the type of program a person is interested in pursuing, the courses required for admissions will vary. In general, most graduate programs will require applicants to have completed:

  • English – one year/two semesters
  • Biology (with laboratory) – one year/two semesters
  • General Chemistry (with laboratory) – one year/two semesters
  • Organic Chemistry (with laboratory) – one year/two semesters
  • Physics (with laboratory) – one year/two semesters

Students are expected to perform above average in these prerequisites. A grade of C or better is essential.

Many programs have specific requirements in addition to those listed above. For example, many dental programs require at least one semester of biochemistry. It is important to consult with the Pre-Health Advisor to ensure you are on track to complete all necessary prerequisites for admission.

Experiential Requirements

Hands-on experience and direct patient contact are important parts of a successful professional school application as well. Many programs require a minimum number of hours of experience and patient care before submitting an application. While not all programs will expressly require this, it is extremely valuable.

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