The role of faculty in undergraduate internships

At the University of New England, we believe that faculty-student collaboration plays a pivotal role in the success of our internship programs. When faculty members actively engage with their students throughout their internship experiences, it enhances the learning process and ensures that students receive valuable guidance and mentorship. Collaboration enables faculty to monitor progress, provide constructive feedback, and help students bridge the gap between theory and practice.

By working closely with our students during their internships, faculty contribute to their academic growth and prepare them for the challenges and opportunities they'll encounter in their future careers. This partnership between faculty and students is a cornerstone of our internship programs and is vital to helping our students excel in their professional endeavors.

A faculty member looks over paperwork with a student

I took a sport marketing class where we had to create a new promotional concept for the Portland Seadogs baseball team...[eventually], I got a call saying that they would like me to be an intern for the upcoming season. I’m so thankful to my professors and UNE for allowing me to have these unique opportunities.” — Brandon Narciso ’21



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