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Career Advising for Students

The skills required to obtain a job are vastly different than the skills required to do that job. We strive to provide students comprehensive skills to navigate their path to career fulfillment. Our goal is to empower students with the knowledge and skills to secure the best employment opportunities available in their field, while giving them the strongest tools in marketing their abilities to employers.  

We counsel students on a number of career topics. We guide students on creating and updating effective resumes, C.V.’s, and cover letters. We also help them develop their job search strategies, personal branding, interview skills, social networking presence, and knowledge of basic employment law and contract negotiation. We engage students in pursuit of their career aspirations and provides associated resources in assisting them in achieving those aims. 

We also host an annual Career Fair, hold workshops, and provide access to Handshake, an online job and internship posting, and event management system