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Sport and Recreation Management

Our Bachelor of Science in Sport and Recreation Management prepares you for a career in any one of several sport or recreation management careers. You study the underlying theory, latest technology and best practices of recreation, athletic and sport administration, marketing and merchandising, venue and event management, and planning. You choose between two concentrations: Sport Management or Outdoor Recreation Management as you prepare for a career in which your work is play.

As a student on our oceanfront Biddeford Campus, you take courses that provide you with the business foundation needed to succeed in this interesting field, studying economics, governance, marketing, administration, law and ethics.  

By completing the program, you also earn a Business Administration minor. In addition, you gain valuable hands-on experience through an internship experience, which might involve your leading outdoor adventure trips, managing merchandising for a local minor league sports team, coordinating travel plans for a college sports team, or assisting an ecotourism operation.

Sport Management Concentration

A concentration in Sport Management prepares you for entry-level sport-related career opportunities, or further study at the graduate level. Your  on-the-job training in internships provides you with opportunities to practice the many techniques learned in the classroom.

With this preparation comes the skills and ability to serve as an effective leader, passionate about your life's work, who makes a difference in the lives of those you choose to serve through sport and sport-related programming. You might spend your career focusing on athletic and sports administration, sport marketing and merchandising, sport venue and event management, or sports information to name only a few of the possible destinations awaiting you. This concentration also gives you the option to pursue a graduate degree in sport management.

Outdoor Recreation Management Concentration

Our Outdoor Recreation Management concentration allows you to take full advantage of UNE's location. As a student on our Biddeford Campus, you find the Atlantic Ocean at your doorstep, while the mountains, lakes and river rapids are all just a short drive away. If you are passionate about the outdoors, this concentration allows you to delve into the program planning, policies and training needed to succeed in an Outdoor Recreation career.

Because sustaining the outdoor environment and ecotourism are essential to this program, as an Outdoor Recreation Management student you are encouraged to take part in the UNE Green Learning Community and are expected to take at least one upper level Environmental Studies course that relates well to Outdoor Recreation Management, such as Outdoor Environmental Education, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation or Caribbean Sustainable Development.

Your on-the-job training during your internships allows you to practice what you’ve learned in the indoor and outdoor classrooms. In addition, the Business minor that is part of your curriculum allows you to focus your management interests by taking advantage of such business courses as Sustainable Entrepreneurship, International Management, Global Marketing or Environmental Economics.

To learn more about the program, see Curriculum or visit the Catalog.


We also offer a minor in Sport and Recreation Management.

Honors Program

We offer qualified students the option of participating in our Honors Program and graduating with Honors. This includes significant research, scholarship, or creative activity under the direction of a faculty member. You should consult with your major advisor or department chair for specific criteria and requirements.