2021–2022 Tuition for full-time undergraduate students covers a course load of 12–18 hours per semester.

Your total educational expense for the year includes both Direct Costs (billed to you each semester) and Indirect Costs (additional expenses during the months you are enrolled). Please take advantage of our Customize tool to estimate your personal annual Total Cost of Attendance.

Net Price Calculator

One of the most important considerations when committing to a college or university is its cost. At UNE, we work with you and your family to help make a UNE education affordable. We provide a number of generous grants and scholarships — money that does not need to be paid back — for the duration of your four-year degree. 98% of our students receive financial assistance of some form, and the average total award package exceeds $26,000. Our tuition is 15% less than the average for private universities in New England.

Determine Your cost

If taking less than 12 credits, your cost will be $1,360 per credit hour. Only full-time students are eligible for UNE gift aid. The General Service Fee of $700/semester ($490/semester for Portland Campus students) will apply to enrollment seven credits or more.

Veteran's Benefits

If you are planning to utilize Veteran's Education Benefits, please explore our information and requirements.

Tuition $38,420

Room and board

Because room and board varies by type of residence hall selected, refer to residence hall costs for specifics.

$14,810 (Featherman triple rate)
General service fee $1,400
Total direct costs $54,630

Books (estimated)

Book costs will vary depending on your program of study and course load each semester. We encourage you to visit U-Online under your Student Schedule to help you estimate what you will need to spend. We suggest you take advantage of used and rental books and to shop around for the most economical options.

Transportation/travel costs (estimated) $1,350
Personal/miscellaneous costs (estimated) $1,400

Total indirect costs

Indirect costs for the full academic year — like books, travel, and personal expenses — will vary from student to student depending on personal choices and living situations. For instance, a student who lives off campus may spend far more on travel/transportation because of the inherent costs of daily commuting. A student who takes advantage of the many free campus activities and events may spend less in personal/miscellaneous costs. We encourage you to estimate for your own purposes these for indirect costs to get the most accurate picture of your total cost of attendance.

Total cost of attendance (estimated) $58,780

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