CAS Core Requirements Credits
Total 42-46
Program Required Courses Credits
BIO 105/105L/106/106L - Biology I and II (4 cr included in core requirements) 4
BIO 214/214L - Genetics 4
BIO 232/232L - Microbiology 4
BIO 365/365L - Immunology 4
BIO 370 - Cell and Molecular Biology 3
CHE 150/150L - University General Chemistry I* 4
CHE 151/151L - University General Chemistry II* 4
CHE 250/250L/250S - University Organic Chemistry I* 5
CHE 307/307L - Quantitative Analysis 5
CHE 417/417L - Instrumental Methods of Analysis 4
CHE 310/310L - Fundamentals of Biochemistry 4
MAT 190 - Calculus I (included in core requirements) 4
PHY 210 - University Physics I* 4
Total 45
Flexible Program Required Courses (choose a minimum of three courses selected from the following) Credits
BIO 203/203L - Histology 4
BIO 204/204L - Parasitology 4
BIO 245/245L - Gen Prin of Human Anat, Phys and Path I 4
BIO 345/345L - Gen Prin of Human Anat, Phys and Path II 5
CHE 251/251L/251S - University Organic Chemistry II* 5
CHE 450 - Advanced Biochemistry Lab 3
PHY 211 - University Physics II* 4
Total 12-14
Minimum Required Total Credits 99
Recommended Elective Courses Credits
BIO 330/330L - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (if BIO 245/345 not selected) 4
MAT 150 - Statistics for Life Sciences 3
MAT 195 - Calculus II 4
Open Elective Credits (as needed to reach 120 credits) Variable
Minimum Required Total Credits 120

*Matriculated majors are expected to enroll in the University course sequences for general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. The following substitutions may be made with department permission: CHE 110 for CHE 150; CHE 111 for CHE 151; CHE 210 or CHE 210G for CHE 250; CHE 211 or 211G for CHE 251; PHY 110 for PHY 210; and/or PHY 111 for PHY 211.

Students in this major can participate in the pre-health graduate school preparation tracks.

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