Minor in Climate Change Studies

U N E students participate in courses required to earn a minor in climate change studiesClimate change promises to be one of the defining environmental and social problems of our lifetime, and one that will become ever more relevant and important as we move into the future. Employers in all fields will increasingly seek to hire those with an understanding of climate change and how it relates to business models, public policy, economies and livelihoods, conservation, and human health and happiness.

As a student pursuing a minor in Climate Change Studies at UNE, you engage in an interdisciplinary program of study that prepares you with an understanding of climate change from diverse perspectives, examining scientific, political, psychological, economic and ethical dimensions of the problem and its solutions.

You begin by grappling with the science behind the stories, exploring the impacts of climate change on societies around the world, and assessing renewable energy and policy solutions. Courses are drawn from eight departments across the college including Environmental Studies, Business, Biology, Political Science, Chemistry and Physics, Marine Sciences, Society, Culture and Languages and History and Philosophy. This allows you to craft a minor that fits your individual interests and professional plans.

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Climate Change is made possible by the collaboration of eight departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, and is administered through the Department of Environmental Studies. The minor will be available in Fall 2016.

To learn more about the program, see Curriculum or visit our Catalog.