A minor requires 6 biology courses, including the Introductory Biology series. In particular, majors in a Biology or Marine Sciences program who wish to take an AQS minor must select 4 additional courses beyond those required for their major. No biology courses can satisfy both the major and minor requirements except for the introductory 100-level courses.

Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences Minor Required Courses
BIO 105 - Biology I: Ecology/Evolution and BIO 106 - Biology II: Cellular/Molecular or BIO 104/104L - General Biology and one of the following: BIO 105/105L Biology I: Ecology/Evolution or BIO 106/106L - Biology II: Cellular/Molecular Biology
BIO 221 - Principles of Aquaculture
BIO 222/222L - Finfish/Shellfish Culture Techniques
BIO 223/223L - Health/Nutrition/Feeding Cultured Organisms
BIO 323/323L - Principles of Aquarium Operations Science

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