Develop Skills in Biology and Business

The Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences minor provides students the opportunity to develop analytical skills in biology and business, and technical skills in the culture and maintenance of marine and freshwater organisms. Students who successfully complete the program should satisfy employment needs in the fields of marine and freshwater aquaculture and in the educational, maintenance and design needs of local, regional and national aquarium museums and businesses. 

Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences Minor Curriculum

A minor requires six (6) biology courses, including the Introductory Biology series. In particular, majors in a Biology or Marine Sciences program who wish to take an AQS minor must select four (4) additional courses beyond those required for their major.

Program Required CoursesCredits
BIO 105 – Biology I: Ecology/Evolution and BIO 106 – Biology II: Cellular/Molecular or BIO 104/104L – General Biology w/Lab and one (1) of the following: BIO 105/105L – Biology I: Ecology/Evolution w/Lab or BIO 106/106L – Biology II: Cellular/Molecular Biology w/Lab or MAR 105 – Ecology/Evolution of Marine Organisms and MAR 106 – Cellular and Molecular Biology of Marine Organisms8
BIO 221 – Principles of Aquaculture3
BIO 222/222L – Finfish/Shellfish Culture Techniques with Lab4
BIO 223/223L – Health/Nutrition/Feeding Cultured Organisms with Lab4
BIO 323/323L – Principles of Aquarium Operations Science with Lab4
Minimum Total Required Credits23