Minor Requirements

Program Required CoursesCredits
BIO 105/105L – Bio I: Ecology/Evolution w/Lab or MAR 105/105L – Ecology/Evolution of Marine Organisms w/Lab4
BIO 106/106L – Biology II: Cellular/Molecular w/Lab or MAR 106/106L – Cellular/Molecular of Marine Organisms w/Lab or BIO 104 – General Biology or any four (4)-credit Lab Science Course4
Total Credits8
Select Four (4) from the List BelowCredits
BUEC 390 – Environmental Economics3
BUMG 303 – Management of Non-profit Organizations3
ENV 321 – Environmental Communications3
MAF 200 – Introduction to Marine Pollution3
MAF 210 – Introduction to U.S. Ocean Governance3
MAF 300 – Climate Change, Oceans, and the Law3
MAF 310 – Ocean and Coastal Law3
MAR 316 – Science and Society3
Total Credits12
Minimum Total Required Credits20

*Can't double count with other requirements.