A Best-in-Class Facility, Steps from the Sea

The Arthur P. Girard Marine Science Center (APGMSC) is the home of UNE's marine science program, boasting top-notch seawater facilities, laboratories, classrooms and offices right in the heart of the Biddeford campus.

Sitting on the shore of the Saco, where the river meets the sea, the APGMSC is just steps from UNE's private beach as well as the research vessel dock.

Tour the MSC with Director Charles Tilburg, Ph.D.

The APGMSC offers 27,550 square feet across two floors for teaching, learning, and research. Our tidal pumping system and 550,000-gallon storage tank enable flow-through seawater to be distributed to classrooms and labs, ensuring realistic environmental conditions for research. UNE's Ocean Clusters, research-education workgroups focused on specific marine topics ranging from aquaculture to phytoplankton, occupy a whole wing of the building, showcasing 4,950 square feet of research space, five internal pools, wet and dry laboratories, offices, and classrooms.

In addition to serving as our primary teaching, learning, and research space, the APGMSC plays an important role in the community as a public learning resource, offering information about marine research being conducted at the university and in the region through special programming and tours.

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