School of Marine and Environmental Programs faculty and professional staff


Charles Tillburg
Academic Director of School of Marine and Environmental Programs
Director of Arthur P. Girard Marine Science Center
Professor of Marine Sciences
University of New England Marine Science Center Marine Science Center 207
Noah Perlut, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies
Assistant Academic Director School of Marine and Environmental Programs
Decary Hall 221
Leah Bymers
Teaching Professor
School of Marine and Environmental Programs
Marine Science Center 212
Carrie J Byron
Associate Professor
Marine Science Center 219
Susan Farady headshot
Associate Professor of Marine Affairs
Marine Science Center 220
Jeri Fox
Associate Professor, Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences Program Coordinator
Peter and Cecile Morgane Hall 8
Portrait of Markus Frederich
Professor of Marine Sciences
Marine Science Center 218
David Guay headshot
Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences;
Teaching Professor, School of Marine and Environmental Programs
Decary Hall 406
Tom Klak
Decary Hall Rm 213
Headshot of U N E employee Will Kochtitzky
Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor
John Kraeuter Headshot
Associate Reserach Faculty
Zach Miller-Hope
Assistant Teaching Professor
Decary Hall
Headshot of John Mohan
Assistant Professor
Marine Science Center 216
Pam Morgan
Professor of Environmental Studies
Decary Hall 223
default avatar
Associate Professor
Chair: Biological and Marine Sciences Graduate Program Committee
Vice-Chair: IACUC
Marine Science Center 206
Headshot of Timothy Pape
Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor
Decary 213A1
Richard Peterson
Professor of Environmental Studies
Decary Hall 215
Headshot of Theresa Robitaille Redmond
Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor
Marine 212
Alicia Williams
Assistant Teaching Professor of Marine Sciences,
University of New England Marine Science Center 213
Bethany Woodworth
Teaching Professor of Environmental Studies
Director, Interdisciplinary Minor in Climate Change Studies
Coordinator, Green Learning Community
Fellow, American Ornithological Society
Decary Hall 213A1

Associate Research Faculty

default avatar
Research Professor
Marine Science Center 112A
Helida Oyieke head shot
Research Associate
Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence, 2010-2011
Mark Andrew Ward
Research Associate
Decary Hall 224


Headshot of Jake Plante
Adjunct Teaching Professor

Affiliated Faculty

Mike Daley
Associate Professor
Decary Hall 302A
Steven E. Travis
Academic Director
Peter and Cecile Morgane Hall 106

Professional Staff

Tim Arienti
Vessel Programs Coordinator
Marine Science Center 136
Portrait of Lindsay Forrette
Lab Coordinator, Lab Instructor & Chemical Hygiene Officer
School of Marine & Environmental Programs
default avatar
Marine Science Technical/ Vessel Program Coordinator
Marine Center 138
default avatar
Administrative Assistant
Marine Science Center 224

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