Host Site and Supervisor Information

Thank you for considering hosting a student intern from UNE’s College of Arts and Sciences. Our students are competent, focused men and women committed to consistently performing at their best. They are attentive and reliable and bring fresh ideas, strong capabilities, facility with new technologies, discipline-specific expertise, and positive attitudes to their internships.

For each credit for which a student intern registers, they complete 40 contact hours with the internship host site. Typical internships vary from 3-12 credits (120-480 contact hours) per semester. For each semester, you are expected to provide the interns with a start date, end date and schedule that allows them to accumulate the hours they need to complete the internship.

You may host an intern during the Spring semester (mid-January–mid-May), Summer semester (mid-May–mid-August), or Fall semester (mid-September–mid-December).

Internships may be part-time, full-time, seasonal, or continuing. Depending on your company or organizational status, paid positions, volunteering, and shadowing all qualify as potential internships.

Steps to Hosting a Student Intern

Advertise your internship position with us

To submit an internship position, please create a free employer page on UNE’s digital platform Handshake by logging into Once you submit the page for and receive approval, you can post both internship and job opportunities. If you need assistance with Handshake email the Academic and Career Advising Center at

Interview and hire the intern and arrange a work schedule

Similar to hiring a new employee, we suggest you screen and interview student candidates who contact you. Be sure to discuss a work schedule that meets both your and the student's needs.

Read and sign the Internship Approval Packet

Once you and a student agree to work together and have arranged a schedule, the student will complete an Internship Approval Packet. They may request your help with some of the information required on these forms. When complete, the student will ask you to read and sign the packet. Please keep a copy for your records. 

Provide the intern with an orientation

To maximize the student’s learning opportunities, please provide interns with a thorough orientation of your site and an introduction to all of your appropriate personnel. This will help the intern settle in, access resources, and engage in their professional field of study from a broad perspective so they can perform their duties to the fullest.

Provide training pertinent to the intern's position

Student interns are often entry-level professionals and typically need training in order to best complete their tasks. As intentional learners, students strive to understand the whole picture, while simultaneously they are curious about the details. A well-trained student is an investment in your organization as well as the future of your profession.

Provide supervision and guidance as needed throughout the semester

Once a student has completed the orientation and training, some supervision throughout the semester is warranted. Supervision helps a student follow procedures and protocol, gives them access to questions as they arise and resources as needed, and provides regular feedback so they can continue to learn and thrive. Please make arrangements to provide regular supervision of your student intern. You should strive to communicate regularly, make suggestions, correct mistakes, and further train and develop your intern.

Complete and submit the supervisor evaluation form

Near the end of the internship, you will be asked to complete a short Supervisor Evaluation of the student’s performance. This evaluation may be shared with the student as part of their academic learning then submitted to the CAS Internship Office. It will be used by the University in partial determination of the student's grade.


Internship Office Contacts

If you are a student who wants to enroll in an internship or a community site that wants to recruit student interns, email Donna Gaspar Jarvis at in the Academic and Career Advising Center (ACAC).