About the P.S.M. in Ocean Food Systems

We’re looking to nurture the next generation of leaders in sustainable ocean development with a one-of-a-kind program that positions you at the nexus of science, business, and policy in the North Atlantic. With the Professional Science Master's (P.S.M.) in Ocean Food Systems, you'll gain the skills, knowledge, and relationships to help pioneer the development of sustainable ocean food systems in the “New North.”

Pursue your passions through a customized Master's project, in which you'll work with industry partners to address real-world challenges. You’ll emerge from this low-residency, flexible, and fascinating program ready to advance your career. 

Admissions for the P.S.M.

Due to unanticipated internal leadership changes, UNE has made the difficult decision to refrain from admitting a P.S.M. in Ocean Food Systems class for the current academic year. Therefore, we will not be accepting applications for admission this cycle.

What Makes our Ocean Food Systems Degree Unique?

Focus on oceans

UNE is offering the first food systems P.S.M. in the U.S. that is focused on the marine space. As a student, you'll pursue meaningful solutions to real-world challenges across ocean food systems — in fisheries and aquaculture, seafood trade and production, and marine governance and policy. The program empowers students to build a career and make a difference.

Industry experience

UNE has established partnerships with businesses from across the ocean foods industry. For your master's project, you will have the opportunity to collaborate closely with industry partners, gaining first-hand experience in their category and building long-term relationships.

Innovative structure

Your focus during this 12-month program will be a customized master’s project, which you'll begin after your residencies and a course on research techniques. Working remotely, you'll stay in touch with your class through weekly meetings and lectures. Because the P.S.M. is low-residency, many students are able to stay employed during their studies.

Fascinating experiences

Students of the P.S.M. experience two team residencies, each lasting two weeks. First, you'll explore the aquaculture and fishing industries along the coast of Maine. Next, you'll venture to Iceland with your fellow students, to consider how marine food systems are managed across boundaries.

This 12-month Ocean Food Systems degree combines the strengths of these institutions to holistically examine ocean foods value chains in fisheries and aquaculture, and their interactions with marine governance, law, management, and policy.

Two 2-week intensives in Maine and Iceland bring you face to face with ocean food systems, industry partners, practitioners, and researchers, developing your awareness of shared chronic issues felt across the North Atlantic stemming from profound climatic and economic shifts.

You will earn a UNE degree while benefitting from the expertise of instructors, researchers, and industry professionals working on similar issues in North Atlantic countries, building skills and networks needed for success in the 21st century innovation economy. Courses, seminars, and workshops conducted by UNE, Akureyri, and Holar faculty via Global Classroom technologies deepen your understanding of shared ocean food systems issues and potential shared solutions.

Partner Universities

The P.S.M. in Ocean Food Systems was developed by the University of New England in partnership with two Icelandic universities — The University of Akureyri and Holar University College. 


Graduate Admissions

For more information, contact our Portland Campus office at (207) 221-4225 or gradadmissions@une.edu.

We are located in Hersey Hall room 108 at 716 Stevens Ave., Portland, Maine.